Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Custom Simply Mango Blythe

Well, quite a while ago
I got a Blythe in a trade.
I gave her a custom faceup...
but never got around to putting her back together!

Here she finally is all in one piece!

I have to say, I HATE assembling and disassembling Blythe dolls.
I'm not even sure I put her back together right...
I mean, her eye mechanism works...
but still...

I think she turned out pretty cute, but BOY does she look snooty!
Her eyelids DO open all the way, but I like them better half closed...
plus then you can see her pink with orange polka dot eyelids.
They're glittery too XD

She also has a small, very light, pink glitter heart under her one eye.

She has orange and pink makeup, with gold glitter eyeliner and pink sparkle lips.
I gave her nostrils, and did some mouth carving.

I didn't have eyelashes to put in her though, nor did I change any of her eye chips.

My problem now is... how do I sell her? LOL.
She'll come with her original body (which she's currently not on)
and the Pure Neemo body she's currently on.. which gives her
a little more head movement, but, IMO, has a less
sturdy head mechanism for a Blythe.


  1. She turned out lovely! I really like the smirk you gave her :). You could try selling on Blythe Kingdom and customs sell pretty well on eBay.

  2. She looks so sly. Like she knows something OR she did something... dun dun dun! Whatever is going on, she's going to get away with it. Yup.

  3. She looks very interesting! Her freckles are my favourite part.

  4. I always wanted a Blythe doll! This is too cute! Just out of curiosity, how much you sell her?

  5. Ahh! I know the felling! is so nice to have things done. She looks fantastic love the colors you used on her :3