Monday, July 23, 2012

Penpals, travel cases and a new, oddly familiar girl

First and foremost,
Magrat was very excited to wake up and find a new post by her penpal, Lien!

To read Lien's post about being a penpal (it's super cute!)
Please go
 Second, a mysterious monster arrived:
Monster: Mmrphlll!
Me: What's that, Mr. Monster? I can't understand you!

Tiny Evil: *giggle* It's just me!
Me: I should have known.

Tiny Evil has found a new carrying bag, at least for a bit, so he's nice and protected while he travels!

In other news, a new girl has moved in.
She might look *kind* of familiar... but with something a little off about her.
 Hmm... but what is it?

Maybe it will help if I show you how she usually looks when released from the company:

Haha! Yup, that little smiley girl is a Chiika!

She is:
Chiika Romantic Girly! III

The only smiley Chiika I've ever seen.
There will be more of a post on this girl later,
when I figure out her name.


  1. Your new Chiika is lovely! That cute little smile is adorable~

    1. I really like her, and her outfit (which you will see later) is so cute... plus she came with an extra dress!

  2. Tiny Evil is so cute in his travel bag!
    Your new girl is especially pretty. :)

    1. Thank you so much!

      Yes, Tiny Evil is very proud of himself for finding the perfect size bag for him.

  3. So much cuteness! What kind of doll is Tiny Evil?

    1. (I know you found the answer, but I'll still answer anyways in case someone else is wondering and missed it) Tiny Evil is a Fairyland Realpuki Popo.

      You can buy them from Fairyland's website, OR, you can buy them from ... if you're in the US, and then you have the option of up to a 4 month layaway. :)

  4. awww!!!! Lien is soooooo happy to know that Magrat already read her post!!!!

    and I love your latest arrivals: Chiika, Tiny Evil, Kitsune, the cute little monster *o*!!!!

    1. Thank you so much, lol! Yes, there have been a few new arrivals XD

      Magrat is already insisting it's time to send out something else! LOL!!

  5. Is Tiny Evil magic? Isn't that monster too big for him to maneuver without magic???

    1. I fear he is magic... who knows what kind of shenanigans he has brewing!

  6. Hmm... Tiny Evil looks like troubles, you should be careful with him, btw I like his purse, from where it comes?

    Oh!! We receive a postcard from Friday today, Christie would like to have your address to answer asap, she's so excited! I'll make a post about this soon :)

    1. YAY! Some mail finally made it!! Although who knows where the letter I sent you first is??? But YAY!!! Hopefully the other two pieces of mail will still turn up too!

      Tiny Evil *IS* trouble!! His bag is super cute, and it comes from this etsy seller:

  7. Tiny Evil'sbag really suits him, and it's good to have something that protects those little dolls properly. Your new Chiika is very sweet. Did you get her from Denver Dolls as well?

    1. Yes, I was shocked the little bag worked so well! Although I'd still like to get him something with a hard outer case to ride in too!

      Sadly no, Denver Doll does not sell Pure Neemos. I get my Pure Neemos from

      Just do a search for Azone, then arrange by release date, to see what's available.
      Another good place to look for deals on Neemos is on the Pure Neemo Flickr group!