Thursday, May 3, 2012

Something Awkward This Way Comes

Hi, Heather here!

Is everyone ready for a photo contest?

Cat over at A Doll Affinity is having one that might just be a doozie!

The theme?


Here's her description of the theme:

Ever had one of those moments? You know the kind of moments where time stops and you ask yourself how and why you ended up in such an awkward and embarrassing predicament?  Well now is your chance to put your dolls into some awkward/embarrassing photos.  Just think of yourself as the “Doll Paparazzi”…. 

Doesn't this sound like it would generate some pretty amusing photographs?
The Neemos are raring and ready to go!
(Although I'm afraid to see what they come up with)

Entries must be submitted to Cat, via email, by May 18th, so no time to dawdle!

For full details, please visit:

There's also a prize!
(and while winning the prize would be fun, I have this feeling that just seeing the entries and laughing our butts off will be the best part!)

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