Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Meet Squid! an amazing custom by Retrograde

I am just so, so, so, so, so excited to share this with you!

My friend, Elly, aka Retrograde, has made me just the most awesome custom EVER!

Please meet Squid:

Photograph is ©Retrograde

She will have a twin sister named Octopus too (they won't be identical though)!

I CANNOT thank Retrograde enough for this wonderful little girl!
Seriously, look at that adorable little face!!!

Retrograde is beyond talented, and if you haven't checked out her stuff, you should do it, immediately!

Click on her banner below to go check out her custom works.
Seriously, you'll be blown away by how awesome they are.


Wait... why are you still reading this??? It's pure, boring drivel now!
You need to click on the link above, immediately!!!


  1. Just... T________T. I am humbled by your kindness :).

    1. HAHA! It's not kindness, it's just the truth XD

  2. Wow! I clicked, I saw... I was awed.

    1. I know, right? I'm always blown away by Retrograde's work.

  3. prettiest doll i have seen in your blog! i love her innocent look and the blue hair! :)

    1. Agreed.... I love custom dolls (well, ones that are done well) they're always my favorite to look at.