Friday, May 4, 2012

Into the Woods again

 Hello, everyone!
Guess what I've been doing... again?
Yup! Treasure Hunting!!
It's good exercise and fun!

This time we went to Fanghorn Forest!
Have you ever heard of that?
Heather had, and she laughed and tried to warn me about Ents, but...
I have no idea what she was talking about.

We actually went the wrong way, and ran into a river.
Then we had to backtrack until we found a bridge to cross over it.
There were some trees that had fallen across the river, and I *totally* could have made it, 
but Heather was all like, "Noooo, it's dangerous"

She has no sense of adventure.

When we weren't going the wrong way, there was a path to follow... right up until the very end.
Then we had to "off-road" it into the woods!

The way became fraught with perils, and I was almost lost!
Then Heather said she'd carry me and it was all ok.

VICTORY!!!! This was our first Ammo Box find! It was bigger and had really cool, waterproof log books in it! I took a dinosaur from this box, and left behind some buttons with Kana on them!
I wonder if Kana knows she's famous in the Geocaching world now?

This was Heather's favorite note in the notebook... it cracked her up.
She made me post this picture.
This cache had been there since 2004!
People have been treasure hunting for quite a while!

I even found a Morel to this story!



  1. I really hope you guys took that home and ate it fried in some butter!!

    1. Anna: Of course! One should never forget the Morel!

      Me: Oye, seriously, Anna... *shakes head*

  2. Ooohh!! I adore the fourth photo!!! <3

  3. So did you meet the Ents? ^____^

    1. Anna: What IS an Ent?!
      Me: No, sadly we met no Ents... perhaps they're out looking for the Ent Wives?
      Anna: WHAT IS AN ENT????

  4. Chou: Morel mushrooms are so tasty (and cute)! Those mayapples are SO BIG. I wanna play in some, too!

    1. Anna: It was a forest of mayapples... and I almost got lost! Plus, I think there was something in them... moving around... I got scared T_T

      But... the Morel was tasty! We looked for more, but that was the only one!

  5. Wow. I want so terribly to go geocaching. Maybe that will be my new thing this summer. :-D

    1. It's the perfect summer thing!!! (I'm not sure we'll be able to do it at all in the winter) I absolutely recommend it to everyone!

  6. I love the fourth pictures <3

  7. The "help" photo is my favorite. I would be scared to go out in the woods like that... even though I grew up in the woods, lol.

    1. They are lovely, dark and deep, lol. Or, at least, I've a feeling that's how Anna felt about them!!
      But yes, it is quite a large park filled with swamps and trails and tall, tall plants that are perilous to such a wee being as Anna XD It's a good thing she takes us with her.

  8. Too too cute! Sometimes I get nervous about you guys being out there in the wilderness.

    1. I always figure I need to enter the location of my car into the GPS, so that when I'm done I can find my way back again! XD This Geocache was in an area I know very well though, so Anna and I were perfectly safe... plus, you don't really ever see him in the photos, but I almost always have along a "body guard", lol, the boyfriend is not fond of me wandering the woods without him, plus, he likes geocaching too!!!