Friday, May 25, 2012

Miki's models my t-shirt attempt

 Miki very generously agreed to model the t-shirt I made...
even though we had no idea if it would even fit!

I think it turned out pretty cute for a prototype!!
There are some adjustments that need to be made, but overall, not too shabby!

And Miki's hair-do makeover turned out pretty cute too.

I kind of hate to admit it, but ever since I got Miki, something about her just BOTHERED me.
That something was her haircut.
It was lopsided, and no matter how much gel I added to it, it never looked as good as the one in the promo pics... so Miki didn't get played with a lot.

But I decided it was time that changed.
Madoka seems to really like Miki's new hairdo too... but then...
Madoka's always been partial to pigtails.


  1. Love the shirt and Madoka's little charm <3. Miki looks -adorable- in those glasses :D.

    1. Haha, someone gave Madoka that charm at Acen XD They thought she was too cute... although, you would think if they really thought she was so cute, they'd want to keep her from that charm! Alas.

      I really love the glasses and the off-center ponytail on her... it's like she's a whole new doll and I'm in loooooove. XD

      ... I need more big round glasses.

  2. I like the tee shirt. Did you know when you saw the fabric that it would be a nice tee? They both have really cool shoes too.

    1. I hoped it would! I always try to pick very thin fabrics for small size shirts XD

  3. She looks adorable! Did you screen the shirt or was it already on the fabric?

    1. Neither XD

      It's ink and rubber stamps... you just have to make sure you heat set the ink so it doesn't wash out :)

  4. Very cute t-shirt. And very cute haircut too.