Thursday, April 11, 2013

Troll Doll

Well, ok,
this is something I've done for a friend...

he wanted a troll dressed as a Dairy Maid.

Do I ask questions as to why?
No, let us just revel in the mystery.

I made her outfit and styled her hair,
and she's got a dairy can to stand on
that says "Dairy Goodness"

Normally the white undershirt would have gone
all the way under the corset, but I thought it was important
to still show the Troll belly gem.

I'm thinking I'll add a little lace at the hem of her sleeves too.


  1. Ivy pointed at the screen and went: "Cool!"

    1. Haha, I consider that the ultimate seal of approval! Admittedly, trolls are pretty vibrant in color and eye-catching, LOL.

  2. It's been a long time since I've seen a troll - my brother used to collect them. She looks great - just a little lace on the end of her sleeves would match her apron.

    1. We used to collect them too when they came back into fashion in the... 90s?? XD Yeah... I think my friend got him from an antique store, LOL!!
      Yup, lace shall be added :)