Friday, April 12, 2013

Help! I call on your collective, awesome knowledge!

Can anyone give me a list of bodies to 
replace the Twilight Emmett's body with?

He's got that white skin tone, so I want
the bodies to match... 
is this even possible? XD

Emmett: Help me, I'm stiff... but not in a good way.


  1. I sent you an e-mail, but I don't know if you got it. Tried to send my reply on Flickr but it wouldn't go through due to "hiccups". The only bodies that are articulated and will match him (that I know of) are the Acheron or the Tropicalia Francisco. A Male obitsu might, but....I wonder if it would look really weird? That is the only other option I can think of.

  2. OH MY!! He's so smexy!!
    I'll purchase one this month, a friend collector who lives in UK buy him for me, in Italy they aren't available and from U.S is too expensive.
    I think that possible bodies can be Integrity Toys bodies, an Acheron body (Cat rebodied her Dr. Cullen on an Acheron body) or a Count Dracula body, they are pale.

    1. I bought the Brides of Dracula Count thinking he would work, but he is more ash in color and not super pale like the Cullen boys. :(

    2. He is a very good looking boy... and now I need Carlisle too, LOL.

      I had thought that the Count Dracula might match and also might be cheaper since he's so.... ahh... handsome? XD

      But I'm glad I didn't buy one before reading your response, Cat! I went with the Acheron instead. I'm just hoping I don't like his head so much that I'll want to keep one of those too, LOL. Ohhhh defeated purposes!

  3. Hello from Spain, i do not know any body with that sin tiñe so clear. I am Sorry. Keep in touch

  4. Glad that you got help ... my palest articulated male body is an Obitsu teen. And I think the Mattel vampires are white-pale while the Obitsu teen body has a pink-sallow overcast.

    Yay for your Emmett!