Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Steffie Steffie Steffie Steffie Steffe and help?

So, in case you didn't know,
I have a Barbie with a fashion blog here:

Her name is Christie,
My Melody Steffie ~ given to me by a friend
and she's a Steffie "My Melody" Barbie
with a Fashionista body.

She's doing a sort of Fashion/Lifestyle blog that mimics
some of the blogs I read.

Now, Christie represents the type of fashion blogger I enjoy...
where as her sister (see below)
represents the type that bugs me.
(and therefore will bug Christie, lol!)

2007 Top Model Resort Summer Steffie ~ bought off of Doll Page
Top Model Muse Summer Steffie ~ I actually found this girl, fullset, at Goodwill for $1.99!!
I had actually intended for these 2 Top Model Steffies
to be Christie Make-Overs too, but they looked
both too similar to each other, and too bitchy
to be Christie, who's a sweetheart.
So these girls will be used as Christie's Sister,

Nikki will be making her first appearance soon.
I can't decide if I want to change her off of the Model Muse body
or wait a bit... the body's pose kind of suits her snootiness. LOL!

I do have 2 other Steffies that will be Christie's 
"Makeover" versions... but I'm always
on the hunt for other interesting Steffie heads
to make into other Christie or Nikki variations.
I'm also always on the look out for more My Melody heads
at a good price. I want to get one and try rerooting it.

City Shopper Steffie ~ bought using my Barbie Collector Rewards
Tarina Tarantino Steffie ~ given to me by a friend

So any help you guys can offer in that department is much appreciated!


  1. Hello from Spain: I just met Nikki. Both are beautiful sisters. I'm buying the Barbie Shopper. I love it. It has very pretty hair. I always prefer articulated bodies. They are real. Keep in touch

    1. The Barbie City Shopper is quite pretty in person... and there is a Fashionista out right now who matches her skin tone! :)

  2. I'm not sure which Steffies you have. You could try some of the Basic models (#3 uses Steffie sculpt). They have some good ones that can be used for Christie & Nikki. There are a lot of Steffies to choose from. I do like your ladies so far. I would go with articulation for Nikki too. That way she can gesture with attitude :O)

    1. The only Steffies I have are the ones pictured above, although I'll soon be getting the first Hello Kitty Steffie too :)

      I'm just hoping I'll be able to match skin tones for articulation 0_0

  3. I have Barbie from the first issue of the Top Model series. I passed Steffie because her makeup was too heavy. I got the city shopper because her face is more friendly.
    You can find others Steffie molds in Barbie Basics Collection. From the collection 001, model # 03 has a Steffie mold and from collection 002 ,has a Steffie mold the model # 03.
    Also, the redhead from the Pop Life series has a Steffie mold.

    1. I'm totally keeping my eye out for a reasonable Pop Life Steffie... my friend has her, and she'll be a perfect Nikki XD

      I really love the Barbie Basic Steffies... I used to have one of them, but I've no idea what I did with her 0_0 I'm looking into getting them again.

      The question is... do I splurge for a Toki Doki Steffie? *wallet starts to cry*

  4. Oh and also in the Miss BirthStone collection you can find Steffie molds

    1. Ooooh! yes, and they come with puppies if I can find them full set! I've been eyeing these girls, there are so many though, I'm trying to figure out which one or which ones I should get.

  5. Christie is great!

    Now about her sister Nikki....If it were up to me I'd say swap her body out. Get her on a more articulated body--because this will allow you more posing options for her, and for any scenes and instances where she's shown with Christie (plus it's only fair, right? I mean we know Christie is the fave--but they should both have the same ability to pose?)

    1. Message not eaten ;)

      Ok... now... lesse, I agree, I did one photoshoot with the Model Muse body and realized this chickie will never stand in it without that base. BOO! So, the hunt is on... I bought three Fashionista of varying skin tones yesterday, I'm hoping one is a match!!

  6. I love Nikki. I'm a sucker for redheads.

  7. Hello from Portugal!
    Thanks for visit me. You blog is very nice and you have one doll that i would like to have but in portugal there are not till now.

    1. Hello! Thanks for stopping by! Which one did you like? :)