Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cuteness by Kuloft

I just wanted to share a shop with you guys
that sells some SUPER cute items :)


(Click the link or banner above to go to the shop)

The shop makes things for Lati Yellow on up to SD sized dolls,
and Blythe as well... which is good news for the Neemos!

This is one of the little outfits labeled as Blythe size,
as you can see, it's really adorable on a Neemo :)

I also ordered a set of Blythe Antlers.
Kuloft has tons of really, really cute acrylic accessories...
antlers are just one of them.
(I really wish they made Neemo sized antlers XD )

The prices are reasonable, the items are adorable and well made...
go check em out today!!


  1. *-*

    I want the macbook and the snowcat camera!

    1. Aren't they awesome??? I've been contemplating ordering those guys too... I *really* want one of the cameras XD

  2. Oh my...that's a lot of cuteness. I really love those Blythe dresses!

    1. I know! Aren't they all cute? It was hard not to buy more than one, but I wanted to make sure it would actually fit the Neemos before I bought a ton of them!! XD

  3. I have YoSD sized antlers from Kuloft. They're so cute! :)

    1. GAH! YoSD antlers sound sooo adorable. I must admit, I would not complain if Kuloft made Pure Neemo sized antlers :)