Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Under the Weather Update! ... and New girls.


I hate being sick!!
Not to mention I am having a second Ultrasound done of my Gallbladder... in less than a week... because I was given the wrong instructions when it came to fasting. >8(

I was told, by everyone, to fast from Midnight until my appointment.
Which I did.

What they REALLY meant was to fast for 12 hours (my appt was at 8 a.m.)... so, in I go again.

But, on to happier dolly news.

Two new girls have arrived:

First is one of the little Majokko Witches I didn't have (I had missed the first two to come out, and recently found the following girl on flickr)

Please meet 

 She is an:

[EX☆CUTE] Majokko☆Lien / little witch of moon

Next up is

She comes from the group:

and this one's official name is:

[ Sahra ] / Summer Melody

As you can see, I liked Sahra's original name, and just kept it. A few of the girls have kept their company names... sometimes they just seem to suit them!  

Sahra is actually part of Alisa and Anna's story (in the Pure Neemo world) and the three of them look so cute together that I'm sure they'll stay friends in my world too :)


  1. Oh, lord. I hope everything goes ok the next time and that you get to feeling better :). The new girls are gorgeous!

    1. Yeah, I was pretty annoyed... not to mention I also have a CT scan on Friday for the same thing... at least with that one, hopefully they won't mess anything up.

      The new girls are super cute! I was so happy to get Lien too, now all I need is the Majokko Himeno and I will have them all!!! XD

  2. I hope you feel better and that everything turns out okay with all your tests. I look forward to seeing the new girls in action.

  3. Your two new girls are beautiful! Crossing fingers for your test result!