Thursday, June 21, 2012


Magrat here!! 
This morning I found out the coolest thing, my penpal, Lien,
over at Ryu's Dolls Blog
got her first letter from me!
Please stop over and see the whole story HERE!
It's so cute!!
Now that I know my letters will arrive safely,
I have to send her something more interesting!


In other news...


My girl, Pidge (find out more about her HERE)
recently got a letter from the lovely Lily!

A while back, my other 1/3 scale girl, Alna, sent a
Valentines exchange gift to the girls at Lily's house...
and they've all kept in touch ever since!

The lovely gift bag in THIS post came from them!

But that was all before Ms. Lily even moved in.
So now that she has, my Ms. Pidge has been very excited to write to her...
but Lily beat her to it!

Please check out the Penpals tab to learn more about Ms. Lily!!

  Pidge: Oh, Heather! Look at this!! I got the most lovely letter!
Aren't these kitties cute?!

Me: Aww... so cute! Who is it from?

 Pidge: Well... uhm... -_-;;

Me: What is it?

 Pidge: Technically it's to Alna... and kind of to me...
because the girl who sent it was afraid you'd given me a boot.

Me: I think you mean "Given you THE boot"

 Pidge: Oh... ok, Alna was worried I was getting new shoes and she wasn't
... but Alna said it was ok if I took over this letter.
Is that really ok?

Me: Yes, If Alna gave you permission it's fine.

 Pidge: Oh! Oh good! It's from a Miss Lily! She is so cute!!
She did ask Alna if she liked being famous...
and Alna's response was "YES!" but that it made her
very busy, so that was why it was ok for me to write
letters back. I hope I'm not too boring. :(

Me: I'm sure you'll be fine.

 Pidge: I don't know... I'm not a rock star.

Me: Thank goodness for small favors...
this house doesn't need more than one diva.

 Pidge: What?

Me: Nevermind, we love you just as you are.

Pidge: Ok then! :D I'm going to go write a letter back RIGHT NOW!
Look at how beautiful Lily's curly letters are!
Mine will look so sloppy! T_T

Me: OMG... stop worrying! Go... Write!

Pidge: Ok!

Pidge: Oh! One more thing!!!

Me: Yes?

Pidge: Alna and I got these SO LOVELY necklaces from chibinezumi!
Did you know she lives right here in Michigan...

Me: I know! I know! I really need to!
I'm sure Alna would like to visit Airy.

Pidge: Who is Airy?

Me: Someone who moved out before you moved in.

Pidge: Is it my fault she moved out? Was there not enough room?

Me: YES. Exactly. >8)

Pidge: ;_;

Me: I'm kidding, I'm kidding! Don't cry!

Pidge: You're so mean!!

For anyone who is interested in learning more about chibinezumi
and her wonderful creations
(She also makes awesome sparkle shoes that I need
to get Claire to show off!)
Please go HERE!


  1. Your girls are seriously so cute about their penpals! Pidge was especially adorable in this. :)

    1. Pidge is deadly cute... and I've yet to take a photograph of her that does her true justice... she's SO much more cute in person 0_0 ... Eye-bleeding cute... it's painful, LOL.

  2. I'm so glad that Pidge got her letter! Lily will be stalking the mailbox for a reply.

    1. She is writing it right now... but she's convinced it's not good enough, lol, she's so sensitive!

    2. Lily will love it unconditionally~ ♥ She's just that kinda doll. :)

  3. Have I mentioned how utterly adorable Pidge is? Those eyes are just gorgeous, she's a total cutie!