Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Letters from Penpals

 Anna: zzzZZZzzzZZZ
Me: Anna, wake up!

Anna: *yawn* Oh, hi Heather! I was just taking a nap.
Me: Yeah, sorry to wake you, but a package came for you!
*puts package contents down in front of Anna*

Anna: Whoa! Lookit all this! Who is it from?
Me: Your cousin, Chou.
Anna: Oh! Is there a letter?!

Anna: Oh my goodness! She wrote so much! I think I need to write her back a longer letter. T_T
Me: I'm sure your letter will be fine, no matter how long it is. It's not a competition.
Anna: Isn't it? ISN'T IT?! You know how family is!
Me: Uh... what?
Anna: I don't know, I saw this tv show where the family was very competitive,
so I thought that's how families were. Aren't they like that?
Me: No! Well... sometimes... wait, NO! No more TV for you, missy!
Anna: Aww, look, she also sent shells she collected on her trip! These are going on my shelf!

Anna: Oh, there was this little package in the letter too...

Anna: EEEE! Look! It's a necklace made from one of the shells she found!
How did she drill the little hole in it?!
Ok, now on to the boxes!

Anna: Mmmph!!
Me: Anna, you really need to be more careful. -_-;;

Anna: EEE! Earrings!! These are so cute!
Me: Wow! It was so nice of her to send you so many!
You'll have to share with the other girls.
Anna: I'm surprised Madoka isn't already here to nab some. -_-
Me: Er... me too, actually. That worries me.

Me: Here's a closeup of them!
If you're interested in a pair,
please contact Retrograde and see if she has any left to sell!

Wall-E is fascinated by the earrings... I think he wishes he had ears.

Anna: Sorry, Heather, I couldn't wait, I opened the next box
and it was filled with these lovely barrettes!
Me: Oh, we'll have to see who looks good in them!
Anna: I think Alna should wear the red bow... or maybe the pink bunny... I don't know.
Do you think she'll wear them both?
Me: Well, maybe not at the same time... but I'm sure she'll love to wear them. :)

Anna: Thank you SO much, Chou! Our package is currently on it's way to you... and my letter!
Make sure you follow the instructions on the letter's envelope. *nod*

Anna: I really, really, really love my new necklace! It seems perfect for a Geocacher...
to wear a necklace that is a found item.
It's just SO cool!
Me: Yes, thank you, Chou and Elly, you totally made Anna's day... and probably Madoka's too, if I could just find where she got off to... she's so... sneaky sometimes.
It's like she's everywhere and nowhere all at once. -_-
(Yes, I just cannot help but allude to Madoka's past almost every time I mention her...
it's like a sickness.)



My girls now have 4 penpals!
They are very excited about this, and letters have been dispatched to ALL penpals!
Be on the lookout!

If you're curious about who the girl's penpals are,
please check out the penpal tab at the top of the page!

If you're interested in becoming a penpal, feel free to drop me a line!

Thank you to all who are participating in the Pen Pal Program!!


  1. Chou: YAY! I'm happy you liked everything, Anna! I thought the same thing, that a seashell necklace would be perfect for an adventurer like you. I really need to poke the Big One and tell her to take me out more often >:O!

    (Hehe, this made my day! <3)

    1. Anna: Yes! It's time for adventure! Make the Big One take you out! Big Ones can be so stinkin' lazy sometimes. I swear, if it weren't for me bugging her all the time, Heather would probably lay on the couch and moan about how miserable she is. *shakes head sadly* They need motivation. Maybe if there's a cupcake store around, remind them of it... it seems to work for Heather.

      I am now using the packaging ribbons as hair ribbons... the green and pink matched my outfit perfectly!

      Please keep an eye out for something in the mail from me!

    2. Oh and... I just watched the first three episodes of Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

      1. F*** that little, white rat.
      2. Remind me to send Miki and Madoka ridiculous amounts of cute and fluffy and happy.
      3. Remind me to keep butterflies off of the stuff I send them o__o;.

      Seriously, that was not at all what I expected, but your talk of their pasts made me so curious. That show is messed up O_O. Also, I've developed a mild obsession with Mami.

      ....Mami T______________________T.

  2. So cute! I always enjoy reading your stories and hanging out with your girls

    1. Thank you, and likewise, they love reading about all of your girls, and are currently very concerned about a certain pregnant someone! XD

  3. Great gifts from a great penpal. I will check out that tab. Anna is adorable and I love Wall-E.

    1. Thank you!! Yes, Chou is an awesome penpal! Anna really loves writing to her :) The other girls enjoyed writing to their penpals too... and I hope the letters reach them quickly! It's a lot of fun to do, and I bought a ton of little stickers to put in each pen pal letter XD

  4. You take the most delicious photos! Anna is lucky to receive such fun prezzies.

    1. Anna absolutely agrees! She thinks having a pen pal cousin is just about the best thing since sliced bread! XD