Thursday, June 14, 2012

Technical Difficulties

 *A screen appears in mid air at 12 Mariposa Alley, it is filled with the buzz of static*

 *The vague silhouette of a figure appears on the screen*

*The buzzing of static dies down and the figure comes into focus*
Anna: Chou! CHOU! Can you hear me?
I have a message for you!
 *The buzzing of static increases until you can barely see what is going on*
*Anna steps aside and a huge, dark shadow falls across the screen*

Elphaba: Ah... there we go... Chou!
Anna has asked the witches of the Majokko Shop to help poor Olive!
We have sent help, she should arrive any day!
There is one thing I have to tell you though...
The Neemo we've sent is very --------

*static begins to drown Elphaba out as she tries to give more instructions*
Elphaba: Oh crud... We have GOT to figure out what
is interfering with our communications!

*The crackling static gets louder
and you can only see vague forms moving on the screen*
Anna: Do you think they got the message?
Elphaba: I hope so, Anna, I hope so.

*The images on the screen are drowned out by the buzzing of static*


  1. I hope that Chou got the message

    1. Haha, if you read the comment below, it looks like she got part of it... which might be troublesome XD

  2. (Agh, disregard that other reply, we're having technical difficulties as well, it seems O_O.)

    Chou: !! You're sending someone to help? Oh, THANK YOU! But... she's what? I couldn't make out the last part. I hope it's not the ghost you were talking about T__________T.

    1. Starting a food blog???

      Hehehe, I hope help gets there soon for Olive and Chou... and I hope they're ready XD

    2. It was a thrifty type blog I used to have :). I do have this, now, though: XD.

  3. Everything about this post is precious and has me brimming with curiosity!