Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I will often times have two of the same kind of doll,
especially with Pure Neemos...

but I rarely consider them "twins"...

but these two girls, my little Rabbit Mia gals,
are absolutely twins,
even if they're not identical!

Do you have any doll twins?
Are they identical twins, or not?


  1. They are so cute :3 I guess I concider my Yuzuha's twins. I have the Rock'N Girl and Cream Anmitsu. Their slight differences but I really love them both.

  2. Hello from Spain: I do not have twins. I have not two identical dolls. I like your dolls. Keep in touch

  3. Awww how cute they both are!

    I don't have any doll twins yet, but I'd love to get some >3< Probably Chiika or Miu twins... But we'll see XD

  4. I have some twins. Some that aren't completely identical, but I was also given two of the exact same Korons xD

  5. So cute Heather. :) No twins yet, had planned to have some then got side tracked and decided on sisters instead. (That's not at all unusual for me)

  6. Not twins per se but my Callahan sisters are identical except for hair color. They both use the same Obitsu bodies and pre-painted heads but one has red hair and one has black hair.

  7. It was great to see the Rabbit Mia close up. I had been looking at her at one point but missed the sale (as per usual).

    I do have twins. My bjd minifee ShuShu. I have the OE version and the modded dreaming version. They aren't identical but they've always been twins since I got them.

    I have debated buying two of the same sculpt to make identical twins but have never done it ... yet.

  8. They look so sweet together :-). I have a vintage twin, two seventies Tiffany Taylor dolls - they can change hair color, that's why I bought two, but I'm planning on making them both the same outfit.