Friday, January 30, 2015

Azone Update: Osaka Store's 6th Anniversary Doll

The Osaka store is having it's 6th Anniversary,
and in the tradition of Azone store Anniversaries, 
they will be releasing a special doll to commemorate the event!

She will be a limited release on February 7th, 2015

She is the Normal Version Winter Vacation Mia head
with a new outfit!


It looks like they took the beloved kitty hat and made it into a bunny one for the occasion :)
Plus she has the adorable little bunny purse!
I have this purse,
I love this purse!

She also appears to have another dress...
but thanks to online translations,
I'm not sure if this is just something that comes with her,
or if this is for dolls being sold at places other than Osaka:

 Her price will be 11,000 Yen.


  1. From what I could make out, she comes with both dresses. At least they have written "camisole onepice" and "sleeveless onepiece" in the list of things that are included in the clothing set. There was only a disclaimer stating that the Winter Vacation default outfit is not included with this version. :3 Now that I've been looking at the photos more, it looks like the white dress is a little sheer and you can see a bit of pink from under it... so the pink dress must be layered under it and there is a separate photo to show how it looks like. ^^

    Azone knows exactly how to get me with these bunny-themed Mias (and Miu) haha! I am so in love with the whole outfit. xD The bunny hat is just too adorable!! ♥ And that bunny bag, too! I definitely need to keep an eye on this girl~

  2. I really love the design of that bunny bag, I only wish they made a cat version of that too! (I don't think there's been a cat bag yet, or have I missed it?)

    The outfit looks pretty and I think this version of Mia is pretty, but I'm luckily not too hyped about this and can focus on saving for other upcoming releases XD

  3. she looks like a small body not the medium that is normally with the mia winter version or the mia head in general.

  4. That's the same dress Koron came with, except now with white jacket, I'm glad I'm not fond of Mia. :)

  5. ...and just after I ordered my Limited Winter Vacation Mia (who is en route). This seems to be how things pan out for me when it comes to dolls lately!

    I love her little hat and handbag. I guess I will have to enjoy her through owner photos.

  6. Man, she is so cute! If I didn't already have my "ideal" Mia, I would really want this one.