Monday, June 16, 2014

So much for selling wigs...

I was going through my wigs, using Alna and Bird
(both are DDdy Alnas, but one is white skin, and the other is normal skin,
and both have been rebodied)
as models... when I came to the conclusion that just about everything looked WAY
too cute on them to sell it.

So, yeah, you might see a few pics of the girls over the next few days -_-;;

Here is Bird in a wig that I really didn't think would work on her...
and now I'm tempted to make it her "default" wig.
Just goes to show ya, always give things a chance!

Bird, like her sister, Alna, is a very stylish girl,
but hers is a more casual, laid back style.

She's a folk singer, who loves nothing more than to sit and play her guitar.
Campfires and gatherings of friends and family are her favorite thing.

She likes to be comfortable and cute. :)
Honestly, I wish I had an outfit like this one!

Her sister, Alna, taught her to pay attention to details,
they can make or break an outfit!

Another lesson learned from her sister,
Every girl's gotta have a killer pair of shoes!


  1. Gah!! So cute! <3 I love her style. (^_^)

  2. A lovely wig! She looks like she stepped straight out of an Anime.

  3. es una preciosidad , toda ella , pero las botas me han enamorado



  4. oooh~ the pink hair reminds me of the farron sisters^^

  5. This gal has great style Heather! Love the outfit and the boots.

  6. So beautiful, I really adore the eyes, she looks like one of the saber marionette j so cute, a doll with a Madden circuit

  7. Omg!!! Her faceup is amazing!!! Would you be kind enough to tell me who the artist is please?