Monday, June 16, 2014

New Picco Neemo Head Instructions

As some of you may know, the new Azone Picco Neemo heads,
starting with Himeno and Miu,
are softer than the older heads...

This has led to some peg issues,
so Azone put out these instructional pics!  

I honestly have no idea what some of this says...
but I'm going to ad-lib it with experiences *I've* had with
heads like this, and how to work with them. LOL.

Forgive me. XD 

 Anyone who can read what these images say,
please feel free to leave a translation in the comments! 

If your doll's head came off the neck, but the peg is still in the head,
and the ball joint is still outside of the head (as pictured above),
squeeze the head at the base firmly,
so that the ball joint cannot be pushed into the head,
and then place the head back on the body.
(See image below)


If the ball joint gets pushed up into the head,
or of the neck joint gets pushed into the head all together...
(See image below)



Use a pair of needle nose plyers to pull it all the way out.
(see above)


Replace the peg in the head, and then place the head on the peg.


  1. I'm so glad they put up these pictures:). In the first or second picture, the neck peg is bending backwards (so she'd be looking up when you t it on her body). This is the problem I'm having. I can't push Himeno's neck peg forwards or backwards because it just bounces back into place :/. I can twist her head around but I guess she won't be looking up or down soon LOL.

  2. For some reasons, the commenting feature does not want to work for me today:/. So when I put "t it on her head", I meant put. I tried to fix it because I put pit, but when I backspaces it wouldn't let me retype. But anyways sorry if u didn't know what it said!