Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Azone Update

Ok, there isn't much going on by way of Azone news,
so let's do a clothing review!

I recently bought all three color variations of the Picco Neemo Flower Dress...
and I have to say, TOTALLY WORTH IT.

These sets are super cute.
They came with the shirt and dress (no socks or undies).

I will list out what I liked and disliked about these dress sets!

1. They're CUTE AS HECK. I love the design and style.
2. The material used is fabulous.
3. All fasteners used are easy to handle (no impossible buttons or hooks or anything)
1. The Beige and Pink set (on the far left) came with a flawed skirt ruffle. I can fix it easily, but I'm still noting it, since it is a defect.
2. The skirts are flat without an underskirt (I kept them all in their default outfit underskirts... which work great with these dresses!)

All in all, I'd say buy them if you get the chance, they're adorable!


I recently had someone ask about Picco Neemo D (aka, Lil Fairy) shoes... as in,
what kind do they fit into?

Let's have a little look-see, shall we?

As you can see... Lil Fairy fat little feet fit into a variety of shoes!
On the far left we have RubyRed Brand shoes for a Lati Yellow,
in the middle, we have regular Pure Neemo shoes,
and on the right are the default Picco Neemo shoes that the Lil Fairy came with.

I do think some Lati Yellow shoes might be loose,
just like some Pure Neemo shoes don't work (the Lil Fairy dolls have a higher foot arch than the Pure Neemos do, so shoes that are restrictive (like boots) might only sometimes work, depending on the pair of boots you have.

I should also mention, the center pair of feet are wearing a pair of Picco Neemo D socks that I ordered, which I'm pretty sure will work on the Pure Neemo gals too... but these little socks with lace trim are cute as heck! :)

I will leave you with one little image from Azone:
Nya! Twins
Aren't they cute??


  1. The Picco dress sets are cute! I would like to see something similar in the Pure Neemo line (but they may have done it already).

    I'm actually kind of glad there's not much news this week. I barely have time to do much with the ones I have so it helps that there are any new "must haves" on the horizon. Heck, I just freed Mio from her box today and I've had her for a week already!

  2. I have those lacy socks too. They give so much more detail to their outfit!

  3. Hello from Spain: great proposals. Lovely creations.. Keep in touch.

  4. Love these dresses! And what can you say about the fur cute.

  5. They certainly do look cute in their matching outfits. Love the little cherry pattern on the fabric, it's very cheery and the shoes are great. Looks like we both do similar things when dressing our gals.. :)

  6. I love these new jumper dresses Heather and I truly enjoy your posts they are always so informative^_~ hugs, gg