Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Azone Outfits

Just another little sampling of some Azone Brand Outfits:

As I'm doing these reviews, I'm learning... I need to take more pictures -_-;;

Anyways, the outfit sets came with the overalls, shirt and jacket.
They're meant for the S or XS body,
but I managed to squeeze a M bodied girl into one too
(the girl in the back).

I really like these sets, the overalls are cute,
the shirt is a lovely, light-weight fabric, and the jacket is a rougher fabric
than has been previously used, which I like, it suits the feel of this outfit well.

The boots are "big" by Neemo shoe standards, but I like the shoes they make
that are slightly larger. The Neemos have an easier time standing in them!

(The socks did not come with either outfit or shoes... I just added a pair).

This set of clothing combined with these shoes definitely would work well on boys too!
(I feel like my Koron girls are tomboys... they would totally be out catching frogs in a pond!)

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  1. I think bigger shoes make them more stable but you're right :D