Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday Horrors: Episode 2, Unwell

Episode 2:
 Today we find Pidge fretting over a slew of sick Neemos.
No one is quite sure what's going on...
but there seems to be a flu that has hit the Neemo community hard.

Pidge: Oh, you guys, are you sure you're comfortable?
Does anyone need more tea? Snacks? Blankets?!

Anna: Calm down, Pidge *coughcough*
It's just a little *cough* flu, we'll be fine.

Bunny: *cough* Yes, don't worry, Pidge, it's the flu.
Kana: *coughsnifflecough* I feel dizzy @_@
Bunny: It's the plot of this show, it's very confusing.

 On the screen, Pretty Little Liars plays, but most of the Neemos
are only vaguely aware that the TV is even on. It's mostly there
to comfort Pidge, she loves this show (even though it makes her nervous).

Carrot: *her voice is barely a whisper* Pidge... I... I don't feel very good.

Pidge: Oh! Little Carrot... you don't look so good!
You're so pale! I'm going to find help!

Alna: Did I hear somebody call for help? I have arrived!!

Pidge: *hops off the couch and runs over to Alna* Oh Alna!
Alna: What is it?! You're even more nervous than usual!
Pidge: It's the Neemos, they're all sick... and Carrot looks REALLY bad!
Alna: That's not good... weren't they fine yesterday?
Pidge: Yes, it came on all of a sudden.  ;_;

*Alna and Pidge go over to check on Carrot*
Alna: Oh, little Carrot, you look terrible... and Luna! You look so pale!
Luna: Oh no, I'm always pale.
Anna: It's true *cough*, she is... but Carrot looks *coughcough* a little pale. Will she be ok?
Alna: *places a hand on Carrot's forehead* Oh! She's burning up!

 *At the other end of the couch*
Bunny: Will Carrot be ok, Jun?
Jun: *pats Bunny's head* It's just a little flu, sweetie...
I'm sure she'll be up and running in no time.

*Suddenly, though, Carrot starts wildly thrashing about*
Pidge: OH NO! What's happening?
Anna: Carrot? CARROT! Something is wrong!!!
Luna: This is NOT Nargels.

 *As quickly as the thrashing begins, before anyone can even
move to react, it stops. Carrot is still, and the room is silent,
except for the quiet murmuring of characters on TV*
Alna: *whispers* Carrot?

 Jun: Oh my goodness... is she ok? Did she have a seizure?!

Alna: Carrot?

Pidge: Alna... what is it? Why isn't she moving?!

Alna: *touches her hand to Carrot's forehead* Because... because she's dead.

Tune in next Wednesday for Episode 3 in this 
8 Episode Saga!
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  1. So basically that was the PERFECT cliffhanger. You definitely have me on the edge of my seat!

    1. Oooh, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Yeah... it's pretty tragic... poor little Carrot ;_;

  2. Poor Carrot! How will it end? I can not wait to be again on Wednesday!
    *starts countdown*

  3. Noooooo! Not Carrot! Well, not ANY of the Neemos. They are too cute.

    It might be those little dolls made them sick. I hope Jun remembers about them.

    Sigh. Crossing my fingers that little Carrot is just in a trance. Maybe if the tiny little doll is removed, Carrot will be restored.

    Okay, I'm hooked. Glad that you have the story planned already.

  4. AWWW not Carrot ;_;.

    Chou: "*SNIFF* *assumes fetal position*"

  5. OMG! I utterly gasped at the end! I was not expecting that. This is worse than a worm in the ear! *cries*

    First I was distracted by Alna's enormous boobs and then I got swept back into the story. Your staging is impressive.