Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Jun and Coraline... a day for blue hair.

Jun is trying out a new look:

Jun: Oh! Hi, guys... I just thought I'd change it up a little... what do you think?

Jun: I really like this blue hair!

Jun: Do you think my mismatched shoes are too much? I kinda
want to dress in a "fruits" style fashion!

And Coraline is just cute, lol.
(ps, Coraline has a little kid speech impediment just like my brother used to have, hehe)
Coraline: Why ow you taking my pict-chew again? I wook the same!
Me: Because you're so cute!

Coraline: Youw dumb, I'm weaving.
Me: T_T
(pps, yes, Coraline has a little fox tail, because the only undies
that currently fit her are my Mamachapp's,
and my Mamachapp's default outfit was
a Shrine Maiden Fox Spirit, LOL!)


  1. Jun is really pretty with her new hair, I think that the shoes are ok. Coraline is too cute and she's really outspoken!

    1. Yes, Coraline might be some trouble XD

      Jun is loving her new look, she says now she can be the carefree girl she wants to be... I'm not quite sure what she means by that... it worries me a little.

  2. Coraline is adorable. This is probably not politically correct to say, but I love her speech impediment. Tell Jun I'm not really feeling the blue hair on her. It's casting a green ghoulish look on her face.

    1. But... but green and ghoulish would be right in time for Halloween XD

      I love Coraline's speech impediment too... and you're right, it's probably not PC, but I don't care either... it's modeled after the exact speech impediment my brother had when we was a wee one, which was adorable. I know he went through a lot of speech therapy to get it fixed, but even he knows it made him the cutest friggin little kid ever XD

  3. Yay for blue hair - I actually like Jun with her new wig and Coraline is very cute.

    1. Me too, she's going to be very Fruits style I think XD ... which means I need to buy more clothes... oh darn.

  4. I quite like the blue hair styles especially with the bangs!