Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday Horrors: Episode 1, The Arrival

Episode 1:

Jun: Hey, Neems*, whatcha up to?
Anna: We're playing dolls... did you want to join?

*Neems is Jun's nickname for the Pure Neemos.

Jun: Can't at the moment, too much anime to watch!
I just wanted to give you this package.

Anna, Carrot and Luna (in unison): Package?!

Jun: Yeah, it's really weird... just "To The Neemos"... and it was left
on the front step... not even in the mailbox.
Anna: Details, details... I'm a Neemo, I'll take it.


*Anna and Carrot are busy shaking the package*
Jun: Uh... bye then, I guess...
Luna: Oh, Bye Jun! Thank you so much!

Carrot: Who is it from, Anna?
Anna: Doesn't say... should we open it?
Carrot: YES!
Luna: I don't know... there seem to be a lot of
Nargles around that package...
Carrot: What the heck's a Nargle? Open it!
Anna: Ok.
 Anna & Carrot: Oooooh!
Luna: Just as I suspected... dead bodies...
Anna: Wha?! No, look Luna.... 

Anna: Lovely little dolls!

Carrot: It looks like there's some for everyone!

Luna: Oh, I suppose that's ok then. Let's take them all out!

*The dolls are removed from the box and placed on the floor...
the girls ooh and aah over the beautiful little costumes
they're dressed in, but finally,
they each choose just one.*

Anna: I'm taking Mr. Pink Pants *giggle*

Carrot: I'll take this little green guy, he matches my hat!
How about you, Luna?

Luna: Oh, I tucked the little orange guy into my hat...
He matches!
Now I'll just take these other ones to the rest of the
Neemos! I hope there's enough!
*With that, the girls all get up and leave, wanting
to go share this mystery package with the rest of
their friends... but...*

Tune in next Wednesday for Episode 2 in this 
8 Episode Saga!


  1. Dun Dun Dunnnnnn! Oh the horrible suspense. I hope those things don't crawl into their ears like in the Wrath of Khan! I don't know why my mind went there, but it did, lol.

    I love the perspective you gave your photos. I can see you got on the ground for some wonderful shots. The things we do for our dollies!

    1. Hahahah, omg... they could totally do that to the DD girls 0_0

      Now that's all I can think about XD

      ... and yes... I was down on the floor, laying on it, feeling like a goofball XD

  2. Loving this so far! Excited to see what happens next. And Luna and her Nargles...bless her little soul. <3

  3. Ok now I'm officially a Wednesday Horror fan!! Great great story!! I can't wait to see the next episode!!!

    1. Yeah, this story is already all plotted out... so I know exactly what needs to happen every week... I really hope it turns out like I envision it in my head!!!
      Thanks so much for stopping by and reading!

  4. Awwwwww your blog is so cute! And your dolls are really cute! The story you created with them got really cool =DD how old r u? *-* faved ur blog!

    1. Hahaha, should I be ashamed to say this? I'm 33... and yes... yes, I play with dolls ;_;

      Thanks for stopping by though. XD

  5. I like how generous the Pure Neemos are. Instead of fighting over the dolls or hogging them to themselves, they went to find other Neemos to share the remaining dolls with. Sweet and cute!

    Now I have to find out what happens nest!