Thursday, September 6, 2012

This is Halloween! Halloween, HALLOWEEN!

It's that time of year,
when the ghouls and goblins
start to peak out from the shadows!

Are you ready for Halloween?!

I know it's still more than a month away,
but we're staring early,
here at the Majokko Shop!

Every Wednesday,
from now until October 31st,
tune in for a very special
Halloween tale!

It all begins next Wednesday!


  1. October is my favorite month of the year! A lonnnnng time ago I used to wear something Halloween related every day of October. Interestingly enough I've never been trick or treating though, lol.

    1. Why no trick or treating?

      Halloween is my favorite holiday... and I always want to just keep celebrating it after it's over... but part of the magic is Fall... and things just lost their Halloween flavor once the world is covered in snow.

    2. My mother didn't approve of trick or treating, she said it amounted to begging. If we wanted candy that's what the store was for. Sigh. But I really felt bad for the kids that dared come to our house. She would give them pennies and pecans from our tree out back. Yeesh.

    3. I'm surprised she gave them anything at all, XD

      She's not entirely wrong though, we totally were little beggars.

      We has people in our neighborhood who didn't participate, but it was because it was THE DEVIL'S HOLIDAAAAAAAY -_-;; Obviously they never cracked a book on Halloween.

  2. I am old enough to have gone trick or treating. Used to dress up. Have not bought candy for trick or treaters 'cause they don't come by when we buy the candy. (And I loathe candy corn - always thought that was a cheat candy.)

    My favorite costume was a black cat one where I had a tail. Only the other kids kept tweaking the tail and THAT was annoying. Oh, I was in elementary school for that one.

    When I reached my teens, I did door duty, but the number of visitors started sloping off. People had Halloween parties at home instead of going out. They worried about razor blades in apples, poisoned candies, etc.

    Your Etsy Halloween treats look yummy.