Friday, April 11, 2014

Azone Friday Update

Time for Friday's Azone Update!


A new Pure Neemo gal joins the fold,
Series 10 for the Pure Neemos has begun,
and some 1/3 fun


· . . · ° ° ·. . · °★ ° ·. . · ° ° ·. . ·
Pure Neemo (1/6 scale)
· . . · ° ° ·. . · °★ ° ·. . · ° ° ·. . ·

Introducing Mio!
The adorable older sister of Mia and Miu, Mio is on the M body, but with a larger LL bust.

Preorder Starts: April 22nd
Price: $110

This one is the Normal Version:
OMG, those boots!

I love how much she looks like the forest girl Miu and Mia!

She is reaching out, asking me to take her home.
Yes, Mio, yes I will bring you home!

This is the LIMITED Direct Store Version of Mio.
She is very, very cute, but I'm really happy I like the Normal version better.

But she is awfully cute!

Series 10!

So, evidently series 10 is going to be made up of past released girls, the ones people have voted their favorite (which... I kind of feel leaves certain Neemos, like Raili, with very few options!)

"Ex ☆Cute Best Selection"


The winner of the "popularity vote" for Aika was
"Classic Alice Chershire cat AIKA"
This time around you will have two faces to choose from though!

.。 *゚+.*.。 +..。 *゚+.。 *゚+.*.。 +..。 * ° +


Order Period: 4/24/2014 (Thursday)-5/19 (Monday)
 Now... this gal has an order period... so I'm not sure if we'll see her on preorder,
or if we should be looking into ways to order her from Azone.

I'm suspecting if this series will be an unlimited order during the order period, though,
that we'll see a lot more of these series 10 gals on the aftermarket.

 Price: ¥ 12,000 (Roughly $120 USD)

.。 *゚+.*.。 +..。 *゚+.。 *゚+.*.。 +..。 * ° +


.。 *゚+.*.。 +..。 *゚+.。 *゚+.*.。 +..。 * ° + 


· . . · ° ° ·. . · °★ ° ·. . · ° ° ·. . ·
1/3 Scale
· . . · ° ° ·. . · °★ ° ·. . · ° ° ·. . ·

"Black Raven Festival" ★ 4/26

There will be a Black Raven Festival Event with the following special gal being offered:

There will be special items available... but let's look at the doll first

Ⅰ. Black Raven Festival Commemorative Doll sale!

3_480-640 4_480-640

The legendary "Lilia-White Raven Ⅱ" will be available!
Price: ¥ 43,000 yen (roughly $430 USD)In store only.

Ⅱ. Black Raven original capsule panties!

Black Raven pants Gacha pant_480 · 640

Hehehe, Azone and their capsule panties XD

Ⅲ. BlackRaven postcard present ★

blrn_480 · 640

A cute little commemorative postcard will also be available.

Ⅳ. BlackRaven series comes with doll accessories for sale!

Other Black Raven items will be available as well... but... since it's all in stores,
and I'm more of a Neemo gal anyways, I won't list it all here XD
If you're interested in props like guns and whatnot, for 1/3 scale, though, you might want to keep an eye on Mandarake and Yahoo Japan for anything that might show up.



  1. Damn it Azone! I had promised myself no more PN dolls for a while. Then I see that Mio will have the larger bust L body.
    OK, maybe just *one* more....

    I am so pathetic.

    1. Hehehe, yeah, it's always the little (or not so little) things that get us XD

  2. You know, I kind of wish they sold the clothing separately for those Pureneemo girls as well. I've kind of given up on the Pureneemo dolls after trying to order Mia last time and failing. I had got up early specifically and I was refreshing the site on the day she was supposed to go up for sale (wasn't sure the time she was supposed to go up) and nothing. I walked off for five minutes, came back and she had opened up for sale and closed again. It was pretty ridiculous. I really don't like having to fight to get a doll so I guess the ones I have at the moment or are on pre-order will just have to do.

    1. That happened to me too, which is just stupid... I don't know what's going on with that lately, but I'm *NOT* a fan.

      If you're looking for Mia though...

    2. Alasse, I'm somewhat in the same boat. After the most recent Mia pre-order, I started to feel like the whole "competitive buying" process was just silly. I *want* Mio because she's cute and has a somewhat unique body but I have admit that I'll probably miss her.

    3. @ Heather: Thanks for that link! I had a look around and saw her on there but I am not sure on the price for her. I get a bit aggrieved when I have seen her elsewhere for a lower price and someone tries to sell her for more. This is the complaint I have with the FR dolls as well. Once I know their retail price, it's hard for me to want to spend more for the doll.

      @Geektopian: I don't like that aspect of collecting Pureneemos at all - as you said, that competitive buying drama. I've not really encountered it before as I usually only collect BJDs but recently expanded into other doll lines. And other than Volks Lotteries (I never buy from them anyway), most bjds are readily available, even if they are limited, it's usually more of a limited ordering period than a limited number of dolls offered.

  3. I bet sweet dream chiika will make a re-appearance,unless kinoko juice objected

    1. Yeah, I'm not sure if they included her or not, I would have loved to have seen the voting forms for this -_-

    2. I hadn't realized it before,who & where did people vote?secret wonderland chiika is also popular,I hope they released the old ones with updated blush

  4. Ok so I'm pretty new to pure neemo dolls. I was wonder if someone could list and explain the past series to me? I wanna be able to keep track of it. So if I'm understanding it right series 10 entire series of dolls will just be rereleases? :) If so I'm glad because I want some past releases really badly.
    Also can large heads fit on medium bodies?
    Thank you!

    1. Ok, here's a rundown:

  5. About Mio, I think she's actually on the M body, with the double L bust.

    1. You know, you're right, my mistake! I just assumed she'd be on the L body.... because she was the older sister XD But nope, M body with the LL bust. That'll teach me for assuming things.

  6. Hi, Someone knows the release date of Aika? The preorder start the 24 of April but the release when is?
    Many thanks

    1. I would guess on past releases that she will be released late May. Seems like they get released on the end of the month after pre-orders are up.

    2. It says "Summer Shipping Date"... so I would think maybe more like June/July/August... I think these ones will take longer to come out since they're an order period, not just a preorder date... that means they'll be fulfilling as many orders as they get, rather than just selling as many as they have and then ending the preorder like they usually do.