Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Adventurers Club

Only two more days (including today!) to partake in April's Adventure!!

If you have a blogger account, let me know the email attached to it,
and I can make you an author on the Adventurers Club blog!

Visit the blog here:

You might also notice a slight change in the logo...
My original idea was to have a gal with the name Adventurer (which I still do)
and it was her club...
but every time I saw it, it just looked like a typo, so I changed it!

Remember, you can still email me your entry at
or add them to the group on flickr:


  1. I'm usually bothered by errant apostrophes but that one made sense to me. It really bothers me when you see it in places where you'd suppose the writers have some training in copywriting and editing, like news and wire service sites. (or should I say "new's site's?" hehehe)

    My entry for April is ready to photograph but I just need to get it done when the almost- 2 year old isn't around to mess with things. I had the shot set up yesterday and when we got home last night, my son was running around the living/dining area in the house. Before I could get us all settled in, I heard him happily saying "DAWE" and a moment later, he ran in the kitchen with my PN Lycee. No damage done but Daddy had left her and the subject of the challenge in a spot that was just a *bit* too easy for little grabby hands to reach! LOL

    1. Yeah, it was one of those things where, the way I was using it made sense... but only if you knew the whole story... and so it just bugged me because I figured *most* people would see it as me using an apostrophe inappropriately XD

      The nice thing is, it works either way... so long as you know there is a girl with Adventurer in her name, and she's the club founder, LOL.

      Hahaha... maybe the 2 year old is the exotic creature in the doll realm? XD At least Neemos are pretty hardy... so not too many worries there. It cracks me up that he likes them so much!

      I'm excited to see your entry this month!

    2. This time, one of his toys is the exotic creature.

      Hopefully I'll be able to get the photos taken and posted tomorrow. I wanted to get them done today but the terrible weather we've had the last couple of days (as I guess everyone in the US has heard) really put the kibosh on my plans.