Thursday, April 17, 2014

A few alternate logos for the Adventurer's Club

Here are a few alternate logos for The Adventurer's Club...

I actually commissioned these ones a long time before the logo I'm currently using,
but for various reasons, they didn't get done until this week!

They're really cute though, so I thought I'd share them...
that way if you want to change it up, or use one of these,
you can!
(The aqua haired girl is an illustration of my Dollfie Dream Alna,
the pink haired gal is a Chiika) XD

Anyways, I hope you enjoy them!
Also, don't forget to join in on this month's theme!

Exotic Animals!



  1. Oh darn... both of these are cute too! I even have Obitsu girls with these hair colors and the pink haired girl is one of the "guest adventurers" I hope to use in a future photo shoot. I may have to borrow the pink-haired version for that post, if it's OK with you.

    I gotta say though, I'm still awfully fond of the first logo with the girl in the green striped shirt.

    1. You're more than welcome to use them for Adventure Club posts! Or for a linking logo, or any stuff like that :)

      I actually commissioned these logos long before the first logo of the girl in the green shirt (which I really love too, and will still be the official logo of the club) and I waited quite a long while for them, but the didn't seem like they were going to happen any time soon (the artist was having personal life issues), so I found, quite accidentally, the artist who made the green striped shirt logo, and she got me a great illustration in a really timely manner... and then the artist who made these logos was finally able to work on them... and I ended up with more logos than I was expecting! Bonus all around!

      I'll be making some goodies with all three logos that will be prizes for our dedicated adventurers! XD

  2. They are both lovely Heather, but I think I'll still stick with the original. I guess it's a bit like the first doll, and no-matter how one tries not differentiate between them all, there is always that special bond with the first of anything. :)
    Happy Easter!

    1. Oh, I love the original too, and that's the official club logo. These two are kind of a "what would have been" since I commissioned them a long while before I commissioned the official logo. I figure, though, that these two are cute, and might appeal to different doll owners (since one is a representation of a Dollfie Dream gal, and the other is a Neemo like character with a different expression)... so people can pick which one they like best.

      I'd love to have even more of these done by different artists featuring different doll types (and figure types too!)