Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Murasaki.me Review

Momo: Oh! Hello everyone! Uhm... I don't think we've met...
my name is Momo, I'm pretty new around here, but, uhm, I hope you'll like me!
So, uhm, this review is a little different from other ones we've had.
This one is for 1/3 scale dolls (Barbie and Azone Pure Neemos are 1/6 scale)
I hope you'll enjoy it!

We are going to partake in 3 days of fun!
Day 1 (today!!)
of this Murasaki.me bonanza is going to be a product review!
The next three days (including today) of excitement will break down like this:
Day 1: Product Review
Day 2: Interview with Kuraikawai, the talent behind Murasaki.me
Day 3: GIVEAWAY!!!! (It's so cute I don't want to give it away ;_; )
I recently purchased a long sleeved shirt from
Murasaki.me and it's the best fitting shirt ever to be worn around here!!!
It has Danny Choo's Moekana Mirai character on it in a Kimono.
One thing you'll learn tomorrow... Kuraikawai has teamed up with some awesome artists to give us really super cute printed t-shirts!!!
Let's take a look at some pictures!

Momo: So let's start at the top! I am super impressed with the tiny neck hem, and the even, lovely stitching on these shirts! Knit fabrics are hard to sew so small, and this shirt is impeccably sewn!!
Have I mentioned this little bow clip came with my shirt too?

Momo: Closer look! The decal is one of those nice ones that is waterproof, so it's not going to get blotchy if a raindrop drops on it (Heather has had this happen with another brand, an expensive brand cough*jadenesscouture*cough and she was none too happy about it.)
It also does well stretching over my head and other body bits... it didn't tear or split or any of those nasty things that can happen with cheap iron-on decals... this product is QUALITY!

Momo: The back of the shirt is well fitted and perfect! (please disregard the little bit of lumpiness you see... I'm, er... wearing a bra -_-;; )

Momo: The sleeves are AWESOME! They're well fitted... but still allow for easy flowing movement.
You really couldn't ask for better sleeve design!

Momo: I can move all around, into many different poses, and the shirt keeps its awesome fit! The sleeves don't ride up, and neither does the hem... it's an amazingly crafted shirt... so... in conclusion...

Momo: BEST SHIRT EVER!! For serious!
Make sure you tune in tomorrow for a really awesome interview!!!!
Seriously, after talking to Kuraikawai, she's so sweet that I want to buy even more shirts from her... not just because they're awesome, but because she's awesome too!
(fyi, "for serious" means "Totally" or "I'm totally serious about what I just said!")

Maybe you'd like to order your own shirt?
(trust me, there are SO MANY awesome designs to choose from!)

Check out Murasaki.me's shop here:

Here is Murasaki.me's image of the item I purchased:
This one is from the moekana line, but there are also other great lines to choose from,
here's a sampling:

The Danny Choo brand XD
This will be the official t-shirt of his Mirai doll!
The Puppy52 line is SO CUTE!!

The Charuca line is filled with kawaii!

Then there is the rest of the moekana line... seriously... to much cute!
Check it out now!!


  1. Aww, very cute~ It looks great on her!

    1. These shirts are truly awesome... they fit SO well!!!

  2. OOhhhhh!!!!! >////////< ...

    I'm really happy you like my shirts so much! I love your review! and Momo looks really gorgeous in your pictures!!

    just >///////< kya!!! :3333 sharing it rightawaaaaay!!!

    1. I don't like your shirts... I LOVE THEM!!! XD They're fantastic! :) Now that I've got a lunch break, I've got more sharing to do as well XD Everyone must know of their awesomeness!! I am excited to post the interview post tomorrow... you had great answers to all the questions!! XD

    2. looking forward to read it! >///<

  3. Those shirts look awesome! Too bad I'm a strict "sixth scaler" or I'd definitely have to own some.

  4. Thanks really thanks to let me know of this great artist ! I really love her creation really gorgeus