Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Clothes Review

Hello, everyone!

Today we'll take a look at some Azone outfits!

These 4 outfits are all the same size, and made for the S or M Pure Neemo body.

Below, from left to right, we have a L, M, S and XS body type!

Here is the XS (extra small) body.
As you can see, the shirt is a bit baggy... and the sleeves a bit long, but still super cute!
The skirt fits quite nicely.
We'll talk about the boots on all of these outfits in a bit :)

This is the S (small) body.
 The shirt fits nicely, still a little loose, but the sleeves are the right length.
The shirt only looks lumpy in this picture because I didn't pull it down, doh!
The skirt fits wonderfully!

This is the M (medium) body.
In my opinion, the turtleneck fits the M body the best.
The skirt also fits perfectly too :)
So cute!!

This is the L (large) body.
On this body the turtleneck sleeves are a little short,
but it still fits pretty nicely.
The skirt fits well and is cute!

Now let's talk about the boots!
(A note on the socks, they're all for S or M sized girls, and they all fit all sizes just fine)
I *highly* recommend putting socks on your Neemos if you're going to put their feet in boots.
Often, when you try to take boots off a Neemo, their feet come off too.
If you have socks on your girls, then you can hold onto them while you pull the boots off,
and keep the feet on. :)

This pair is is called "Lace Up Plain Short Boots Camel"
Now, compared to the other three pairs in the first photo,
these might seem like the better boot.
They are more well made, with laces that don't need laced (the laces do not loosen or tighten),
but the foot can still slip in and out easily,
and they have the nice looking molded shoe bottom with heal...

but the truth is, if you're not going to be using a stand,
the foam bottom boots you'll see next are actually better to get the Neemos to stand!

Still, a girl can still stand in these boots...
and they sure are a sexy pair of boots, aren't they? :)
They fit all Azone sizes perfectly!

This next pair is called "Short Boots Milk"
I personally think the foam bottoms aren't as suave looking as the molded plastic ones,
but in terms of posing, it's way easier for the girls to stand in the foam bottomed ones.

Another difference with these is that the laces do tighten the boots,
so I'm always worried about tugging too hard, (even though I've never broken a pair)
on the laces... since the lace holes don't seem to be reinforced.
They fit all Azone sizes perfectly!

These are the "Short Boots Dark Brown"
They work just like the "Short Boots Milk" :)
They fit all Azone sizes perfectly!

Sorry... I forgot to take a picture of the "Short Boots in Camel" color, close up...
but they're exactly the same as the Dark Brown and Milk ones, just a different color!
I really love how Azone offers varying shades of brown boots. :)

Now let's get to the important part...
are these clothes practical for everyday Neemo activities?
Well... let's ask the Neemos...
Girls, what do you say?

Neemos: YAAAAAAAY! These outfits are great!
Me: YIKES!! Be careful, girls!

Oh my, what are they doing?
These girls are going to give me a heart attack. XD


  1. Cute pics Heather! I bought some of these pieces and really liked them but I've had no time to photograph them yet. However my March Adventure Club girl is wearing one of these outfits so hopefully I'll have some pics to post soon.

    1. Oooh, I can't wait to see! I need to catch up on all my blogging... things here have been craaaaazy lately XD

  2. The last two photos are amazing! You are working that doll stand to perfection. I will say that your dolls have better clothing and shoes than I do.

    1. They have better clothes and shoes than me too, and look cuter in it XD

      Yeah, I love the doll stand, I must admit... the goofiness that is now possible is pretty much awesome!

  3. Really awesome review! :D I love the 2nd last picture! Please do a behind the scene shot (or before editing) lol!

    1. This pic was actually framed this way... so there isn't much to see, LOL... but I'll do a "behind the scenes" shot for ya of another setup. I can say that the girls on the ground are standing of their own free will, and getting them all to stand AND hold the blanket... was a pain in the butt. XD I think sticky tack would have helped a lot (although probably not on shoes with foam soles)... but I didn't have any XD

  4. Those are really cute sets~ I wish I had the same clothes for me. XD

    1. I hear ya... they have such adorable stuff -_-

  5. i love your blog! The posts are always so informative!!! Please do make a post of different hand sets for different neemo size <3

    1. Hi! Thank you!! I can absolutely do that... I'll have to gather up my Neemos and their random variety of hands!

  6. Thanks for the review! I've been looking at these same outfits too so it's been rather helpful :)

  7. Love this post! The girls look so alive! Thanks for the info. too dear! hugs, gg