Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Littlest Sweet Shop now at The Tiny Frock Shop!

Are you familiar with the Littlest Sweet Shop?

If you're not, you should check them out!
(We'll be seeing more of them on this blog in the months to come, as Nadia will be one of our Interviewees! :) )

Here is a link to their blog:

and their facebook:

Nadia (the creative mind behind the shop) has just joined forces with The Tiny Frock Shop
to sell some sets of her goods in the US!

Every set available at The Tiny Frock Shop is limited edition...
so get them before they're gone!

Let's take a look at what they've got available!

Teatime 10pc set:
Includes: Strawberry shortcake, 2 palmiers with sugar, 2 cream horns with sugar, vanilla cupcake with chocolate and M&M's, vanilla cupcake with white frosting and flower, cinnamon roll, heart shaped fruit topped cheesecake.

Sweet Shop Selection 9pc set:
Includes: White chocolate bar with paper wrapping, dark chocolate bar with nuts and paper wrapping, 4 chocolate teddys, twisted lollipop, heart lollipop, heart/arrow cookie pop, 4 carmels, assorted jellybeans and heart hard candies, pick'n mix bag in sealed clear plastic bag.

Summer Treats 7pc Set:
Includes: Mr Softee ice cream cone with stand, waffle bowl ice cream with cookie, ice cream sandwich, twisted lollipop, folded Japanese crepe, chocolate cookie with white chocolate chips, M&M cookie.

The French Selection 11pc Set:
Includes: Pattisiere box, long baguette, pain d' epi, pain au chocolate, croissant, 4 pastel macarons, chocolate eclair, vanilla eclair with sprinkles.

Carnival Treats 9pc Set:
Includes: Cotton candy, candy apple, two scoop ice cream cone with stand, twisted lollipop, 2 churros, candy stick, popcorn container filled with loose popcorn kernels, assortment of candies.

American Bakery 8pc Set:
Includes: Pie, pie slice with whipped cream, sprinkle doughnut, butterfly doughnut, chocolate and M&M dipped pretzel, twisted lollipop,brownie and brownie with nuts.

Go check them out now!
And if you've not checked out The Tiny Frock Shop before this, give them a look!

Their store is filled with tons of fun finds!


  1. Damn... and just after I gave Maya a new job since I figured she'd never get to have her own pastry shop!

    Tiny Frock Shop looks intriguing since I'm always having trouble coming up with outfits for my girls. The poor Obitsu crew in particular is always scrounging for stuff that fits them, is reasonably good quality and isn't hideously expensive.

  2. Yum, yum, yum, these all look very tempting. Aren't dolls lucky that they don't put on weight?