Monday, January 13, 2014

Lil Fairy vs. Chibi Mamachapp

I recently got Azone's Lil Fairy Lipu (Rip?):

And I was asked how she compares to the Chibi Mamachapp dolls...


Meet the contestants:
 Left: Mamachapp Right: Lil Fairy

When it comes to "Who is the most Chibi?" Mamachapp wins.

Here they are next to an XS Pure Neemo and a L Pure Neemo:
 Mamachapp is truly the most chibi of them all...

But she suffers for it.
Her range of posing is inferior to the Lil' Fairy's:

 Lipu: I can touch the top of my head!
Chibi-chapp: Uhm... I caught a fish this big?

Chibi-chapp bends ok in the torso and can sit (her sitting is slightly restricted by the outfit)
but since her body is small and her head is large, she needs to support herself to sit up straight,
where Lil Fairy Lipu can sit up straight, just fine, without needing to support herself.

Lipu: My hairband stays on pretty well too!
Chibi-chapp: Did I mention the fish was THIS BIG???

When it comes to doing the splits, Lipu can do them just fine,
Chibi-chapp, not so much so...
(I made sure her outfit wasn't keeping her from doing a full split too)

Lipu: I guess this is good if I need to clean under tables... I guess?

In holding their arms straight out, they are equals:

But when it comes to bringing their hands together...
Chibi-chapp's arm fell right out of its socket...
truthfully, this is something the tiny Obitsu body (what Chibi-chapp is on)
does a lot... it loses parts... hands, feet, arms, legs...
it kinda sucks.

Lipu: Actually, Chibi-chapp's fish was only this big.
Chibi-chapp: Jerk.


  1. Ooh great post!
    I had no idea XS Pureneemos were so...extra small next to the large! Seeing that made me realize that with two dolls on my wish list who I wanted to be big and little sister, the supposed to be big sister is a small while the other is a medium. OH WELL.

    And Is chibi chapp really showing us a fish or secretly promoting five dollar foot longs?

    1. Oooh, which two were you pondering as sisters? When it comes to the Small and Medium sized Pure Neemos, their heads are pretty much interchangeable... no problem. It's only when you get to the XS size where their heads can look a little strange on other sized bodies... so I would say your "sister" plan is still a go (and if I have the two girls you're thinking of, or even one of them... I could put it on both bodies for you XD) .... I'm in the process of updating my Neemo pics on the "Meet The Neemos" page XD

      ... oooh... and who knows... maybe Chibi-chap used to be Flabby-chap and she went the way of Jared?

    2. My plan was to have Bami Raili as the younger sister and Squirrel Chiika as the older. It'll be a while before I get either since the DD is ultimate priority, but when it comes to dolls, if I come up with names just from looking at the promo pics, that means I have to get them XD 'Tis fate!

      Your neemo family has gotten even bigger! Have you ever taken a family photo with all of them?

      Subway has many a success story.

    3. Ooooh! Excellent choices XD My only advice would be, if you see one of the new bodies in "S" in the White Skin Tone... BUY IT! Raili is Medium in size, and since she's on a White Skin body, you can't just interchange her with another girl.

      I do have one of my Raili on an XS body, I can take a pic for you at some point XD

      And you know, I don't think I ever have taken a picture of all these girls together... Honestly, I don't even have all of my Neemos on the "Meet the Neemos" page yet -_-;;

  2. HI Heather! I truly enjoy reading your posts, and this one more so! I tried to get myself a Lipu, but sadly she sold out fast-_-; I did make it for the Ewnoe preorder and was in shock that she sold out in less than 15mins!! Luckily, my preorder made it in!! Whew, it is good news though that Azone will hopefully re-release Lipu and other again, since many did not get their preorder in!! Your Lipu is too cute, and I hope in the next release i will get to get her!! As for Mama chapp, she is more chibi, but that's about it!!LOL! hugs, gg from ggsdolls

    1. I totally understand... if I hadn't been stalking HLJ, I would have missed out on them too... they sell out so fast! I was really glad to hear that they'll be rereleasing the Fairy gals too... because truthfully, I don't want to have to fight to get them... it's already hard enough tracking down the DS Versions of the Pure Neemo gals that I want, hahahahaha XD

    2. LOL, I totally agree. I'd rather not fight to get my order in for these gals either!! Oh, I hope you can add my blog to your blog roll?! I will be adding yours as well! Thanks so much, gg

    3. Of course! (I'm following you via RSS now too... I love your figure modding!!!

      Do you have a link icon already pre-made, or do you want me to make one up for you?

    4. Heather, Thank you for visiting my blog too! I appreciate it! No, I don't have a link icon, I'd love to see the one you make up for me though?!!

  3. I love your competition. So cute!! How small is the Lil Fairy compared to the Picco Neemo? At first I thought that was what Lipu was when I first saw your photos on IG. I have not seen a Picco in person so I really do not know how small they really are. They always seem so tiny.

    (Btw, did you see some photos from a recent doll show that some one was kind enough to post in the flickr Neemo community? ... I forgot what show was going on this past weekend in Japan but they showed off a new Yuuta and Aoto. It looks like it could be an Alice in Wonderland release. They are crazy cute... I want them both XD)

    1. If anything, the Lil Fairy is maybe a quarter of an inch, or so taller than a Picco Neemo. They're both 1/12 scale, and pretty similar in height... except the Picco Neemo has Neemo proportions (OMG, the next two are Miu and Himeno and they are soooo cute... keep an eye out for my Friday Update for pics!!) I'm going over to a friend's house this Thursday and she has a few Picco Neemos, so I'll take some comparison photos.

      Lil' Fairy gals have bigger heads, hands and feet (and also forearms and calves)... but I'll photograph it all for ya :)

      And OMG YES I saw those pictures... and I am chanting "MIA MIA MIA"... I must have the Rabbit Mia... I mean, come on!!! She's the older sister to Miu, and Rabbit Miu is just about my favorite Miu ever!!!! I actually found even more pictures... soooo cute.

      I really like the new Yuuta and Aoto... and they're defiinitely Alice in Wonderland (I think they're even called Mad Hatter and March Hare... or something like that)... and it seems to be a very continuous theme with Neemos... every once in a while they just will release an Alice themed thing, LOL.
      I have to admit though... I'm kind of sad that they made Aoto and Yuuta "Alice in Wonderland" rabbits, instead of part of the "Forest" series. I mean... Aoto is Aika's little brother... he could totally have been a little kitty boy XD

    2. Lil Fairy is on a Picco Neemo D body, so they are only as different as the bodies and sculpts are.

  4. LOL, Chibi-chap must really enjoy fish.

    1. Or at least lying about them? Hahaha XD

  5. Chibi-Chapp is just too adorable! ^_^

    1. She is really cute... it makes her cruddy little body such a pity... I'd love to find a good, alternate, super short body like the one she's got... but there just doesn't seem to be one.

  6. They are both so sweet! They look like sisters (baby sister trying to copy big sister)

    1. Haha, it's true... we won't tell Chibi-chapp that though, since she's older, haha XD

  7. Replies
    1. The endless antics of Chibi-chapps XD You feel my pain, hahaha!!

  8. Nice fish... I meant comparison between these two cuties =)