Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Brought to you by my current collection of figma:

The beer is gone!

Does she photobomb instead of devour?

Daaaayam (damn)... A-Hole Kirito is STILL an A-Hole!

A Miku-mess?

I've got to admit, I know nothing about these girls other than they make for awfully cute figma... -_-;;

These gals watch over me night and day... looking out for Kyubeys who might want to make a contract with me! Thank you, girls ;_;

These 4 are kinda my "Odd Girls Out"... they always seem to end up not grouped in with anyone.
I know nothing about the crying gal with pigtails... or about Lady... but they were both just too much fun to pass up!
I really wish they'd make a Rise figma... I should have bought more Persona figma!!!

 It's never good when Kirino has an idea...
seriously though, why have they not made more from this series... especially her brother?!

I often forget I have a Drossel figma... because she's grouped in with my other Drossel figures.
I've seen the Drossel animations, and I have to say, the figures of her seem much sweeter than Drossel herself... lol!

Here's another girl I know nothing about, story-wise.
I wish I'd bought more of the BRS gals... but I hadn't been into collecting figma when the first ones came out, so I missed out!


  1. Whoa, you have such an awesome Figma collection! I'm in love with the Madoka series, especially Mami! All of the Madoka girls translate so well into Figma, though!

    1. They do, and I'm regretting not getting the figma of them in their school uniforms, or Ultimate Madoka -_-

      Sometimes I just don't think ahead... oye!

  2. What an awesome collection! Happy New Year to you and your gang.

    1. Thanks! You can be sure you'll see more of the Figma in the new year... they're being incorporated into the Neemo storyline.

  3. Happy New Year Heather! It's nice to see such a variety of Figma's in one place, I only have one. :)

    1. Yeah... I might be going a little overboard with the Figma -_-;; but I really like them. So tiny and wonderfully poseable... they'll soon be part of the regular storyline for this blog

  4. *Figma info dump activated!*
    The Cinderella Girls are idols. They have really cute stage outfits, but they only make figmas of their casual clothes for some reason :/ I love them too though. Really want to get Rika Jougasaki one of these days.
    And there is technically a figma of Kyosuke Kousaka who was made to be arm candy for Kamineko, but he has no joints. Seriously. They made a figma sized figure of him, put it in a figma inspired box, but didn't actually make it a figma.

    Happy New Years! May your next year be even more figuretastic and dollicious as this one! <--that sounded better in my head.

    1. WHA???? Why would they do that to him???? Terrible!

      Oooh, and thanks for the info dump... I should probably just break down and watch it, seeing as how I also own the Miki Dollfie Dream too... yeah... surrounded by Idol girls that I'm totally ignorant about! Oye!!

  5. oooh~ that's a lot of figma, heather. you put my collection to shame^^;;

    speaking of which, i just uploaded a photo of the jougasaki sisters along with hanekawa^^

    1. Haha, or my collection is just shameful? Maybe that's it... modest collections are a good thing, I think. I get too out of control.

      I must go check out your photos, stat, AND send you a message!!