Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ghoultide Gathering 2013

Waaaay back in 2009 I went to an event called
Ghoultide Gathering...
and I had a TERRIBLE time.

The venue was too small,
and the ladies who were there to buy stuff were rude as HECK.
Pushing, pulling, jabbing...
both my Mom and I got pushed (literally) out of the way
on several occasions, 
and had things actually snatched from our hands.

It was shocking... and awful...
and I wrote to the folks who organized it and told them our experience,
and said we wouldn't be returning unless they,
at the very least,
got a bigger venue.

Well... at some point they did...
but I still wasn't ready to go back...
until this year!!

I have to say, the 2013 Ghoultide Gathering
was a COMPLETELY different experience.
It was AWESOME. :)

Click the image above to go to Ghoultide's website!

One of the most revered artists there was Scott Smith
of Rucus Studio (he's also one of the organizers)

Click the image above to go to Scott Smith's blog!

His stuff was amazing, and almost completely sold out just 15 minutes after the show opened.

I had taken my little Neemo, Samantha,
the first Neemo I ever bought, and one of the Witches of the Majokko Shop
with me, and she had a blast!

Here are some of our pictures!

Can you spot Samantha in the picture above? XD
Can you spot her again?!

I will definitely be going back next year!


  1. I don't know what to say other than I want EVERYTHING in those photo! It's all perfect I can't express how much I love it! >_<
    I found Samantha!!

  2. Scott Smith is amazing! Would love one of his pumpkins!

  3. if i were Sam, i'd be scared to death! nice!