Monday, September 30, 2013

Jointed Love is AMAZING

Recently I was lucky enough to win a lottery faceup slot with Jointed Love.


Click on the image above to visit her blog (a blog well worth following!!!)

So I sent her in my two Alna girls (Alna and Bird)
and told her that Alna is a Japanese Idol singer (her background story from Volks)
while Bird is her younger sister, and a folk singer.

Let me introduce you to the new Alna and Bird!
(all of the following photos are ©JointedLove and are used with her permission)

Alna:(Normal Skin Alna)

Bird:(White Skin Alna)

I always wanted my Alnas to be more glamorous and beautiful...
These two are just perfect... I cannot recommend Jointed Love enough :)


  1. preciosas las dos, y felicidades por ganar el sorteo



  2. oooh, they are perfect! i love JL, (and your blog too) so its cool to see this mix of your styles! girls are beautifull!!!

  3. Hello from Spain: congratulations. She's beautiful. Keep in touch

  4. WOW! They're both so beautiful! I'm not usually a fan of the more realistic look on dolls, but forget that, these two are lovely~
    Those lips look soft and everything! Auuugh *_*

  5. Lovely! I love this natural look and some artists are not able to properly capture it.