Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Again with some Jointed Love

... see what I did there?
With the title?
See that?

Yeah... I'm a total dork.

I took some pictures of Alna and Bird.

Both of their face-ups are by the very talented 


Click above to go check out the blog. Seriously.
It's worth checking out... even if you don't want to have a faceup done :)

Alna is wearing a beautiful sweater,
made by Liz over at Work In Progress

If you check out her etsy shop, she has quite a few colors to choose from,
should you want one of your own!

You should check it out too... the fit is AWESOME,
and, well... look at her... Alna is rockin' that sweater!

Miss Bird also enjoyed the outdoors a bit!
She's gone from having white hair to being a redhead though, lol!

Yeah... I'm so in love with their new looks. *nod*


  1. I really like Birds hair color alot on her. Both girls are all fantastically ways of pretty. Im super impressed and i love how she does lips. Ill just keep entering myself XD but then Im nto sure who I would have her repaint. I have to think about it.

    I just got some fantastic rainbow yarn that I want to try as well. Im making a tiny sweater but i would like to see it on a big girl too. I should have plenty to do that with.

  2. preciosas las dos