Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What doll do you regret passing up?

Not too long ago,
I asked "What doll do you regret selling?"

And a few of the responses have prompted me to wonder:

What doll do you regret passing up?

You know, that doll that you *could* have gotten...
it was available, right there in front of you,
be it for preorder, or from another collector, etc...

but for whatever reason you passed on it.

For me, it's Volks' Jun Tachibana.

I had *JUST* discovered BJDs when Haute Doll magazine had their exclusive Jun and Isao release, and I looked at the prices on those dolls and almost fainted dead-away.

I *could* have ordered her.
I didn't, because of sticker shock.

I have kicked myself for forever and a day since.
I would call her my "Grail Doll" if I were to name a doll that...
and she'd have to be fully default too (except maybe the faceup, I might forgive a changed faceup if her new one was awesome).

I even sought out and bought little YoSD Jun Tachibana as a consolation...
but every time I see that Haute Doll Exclusive Jun,
I really, really, really wish I'd bitten the bullet and ordered her!

How about you?
Who is your "missed opportunity"?

(On a side note, I'd love the SD Graffiti Jun as well... I think it would be so cute to have the SD, SD Graffiti and YoSD Jun collection XD)


  1. The one that I'm regretting is one that was out last year. Soom had a line of fairies, and I absolutely loved Absynthe La Fee Verte. She was green with raven hair and lovely wings. I had the money, but I didn't get her. I wish I had now. Le sigh.

    1. I had to go look this girl up, and she is a ton of fun! I love that they made a little Absinthe fairy!

      I totally understand your pain, back when Soom was releasing all their super popular fairy dolls, I'd wanted Amber and never bought her. She's just so lovely! I've gotten over it now, realizing that I'd much rather just oggle other people's Ambers... but still. SO PRETTY!

  2. Oh man, where to even start? I could name at least a dozen but Azone's PN Sorami Kanata would probably top my list. Missing out on Azone's 27cm ACG line of clothes would be my biggest doll-related regret that's not an actual doll.

    1. I lament all Azone clothes I have to miss out on, even when it's an active choice on my part not to order them ($400 a release is too rich for my blood these days!)

      But oh man, yeah, I can absolutely see how Sorami Kanata would fit right in around your crew!!!!
      Who are some of the other Neemos on your list?

    2. I should probably write a post about that but right off the top of my head, Rocker Girl Yuzuha would be next after Kanata. Ichika from Waiting in the Summer and the second Minami-sensei also make the list.

  3. I regret buying Soom Lilid a bit 'cause just after then Soom released Rico&Serin and I unfortunately fell in love in those mermaids. 'Cause I bought Soom Lilid I absolutely had any money for those. I still wish I could have my little mermaid at someday u_u

    1. Those Soom ones have all been so hard to pass up, they got so wonderfully creative with them. I always wanted the little red devil too, lol!

  4. Hi Heather,
    No regrets here really, but I do have a "grail doll" that I keep meaning to "save a few pennies" to order, but somehow other dolls keep popping up and get in the way. Maybe one day, hopefully in the not too distant future, I will finally get my Peak's Woods A.B. Bella the Moon. :)

    1. Hahaha, "Who is your grail" is a question I'll be posting this week! XD

      Peak's Wood makes some really lovely gals though... a friend of mine had one of theirs that was a ballerina and she looked so much like a lovely, large porcelain doll, I was blown away by how beautiful she was!

  5. Great topic Heather! How many BJDs do you have currently? I actually didn't know you collect them as well!

    Well, the doll I regretted passing up was Bimong Chuu when they were being sold through D-Storic at a huge discount. Although, having heard some of the horror stories from that order, I am kind of glad now.

    However, I did end up buying her recently when the artist, Bimong re-released her on his new website so I ended up getting her. So passing her up when I did was a good thing after all. It meant she just wasn't ready to come live with me until now.

    1. I do! Let's see... currently I've got 1. Bluefairy Limited WS Olive, 2. Volks YoSD Jun Tachibana, 3. Unoa (Lusis?) faceplate and headback on a MNF body, 4. Lati Doll Nil (Red Line, I think?), 5. Iplehouse Jessica

      That's awesome about the Chuu... I love when that kind of stuff happens and folks get a second chance!!!!