Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Azone Clothing Review: Knit Cap & Off-Shoulder Knit One-Piece Sets

Time for an Azone clothing review!

This time around, we'll review these cute little sweater/hat sets!

They are called the
Knit Cap & Off-Shoulder Knit One-Piece Sets

It's not easy to tell, but the middle one is actually cream with a white pompom.

Ok, so, let's start off with the good!

These are INCREDIBLY cute little knit pieces.
I always love when Azone does delicate knits!

These particular sweaters are lined on the inside with a more sturdy fabric as well,
so they are not as delicate as they look!

The colors are lovely, and the fit is cute!
They do fit some bodies better than others though, let's take a look:

First let's take a look at Mio, the gal with the Large Bust!
(I have put my Mio torso on an L body)

I really like the fit of this sweater on her...
it works with the curves XD

Next up is Mia, on an M body!
Still a cute fit!

 Now for Miu on the S body!
Even on the S body, where it starts to bunch up a little,
it's still awfully cute looking... although none of them really were able to pull off the "Off the Shoulder" claim... the sweater would just pop back up again.

Now for the bad.
If you look at the pics above, you'll notice that the hats sit high on the head, and the hems on them are unrolled a bit... that's because of this:

The inside gathering of the hat fabric is not the most well done. It's lumpy and bulky, and pushes the hats up higher on their heads. If I didn't unfurl the hat hems a little, the hats would pop off all the time... which is a little disappointing.

I have other winter pompom hats that were made in earlier years from Azone, and they do not have this problem, so I'm wondering if it was just too rushed of a production schedule? Or maybe just the difference in fabric types? I don't know.

All-in-all though, not a huge deal, and the outfits still look super cute in pictures!




  1. I have the cream-colored set and I was a bit disappointed with the hat, to be honest :/ It doesn't really sit on the head the way it does on the promo photos and if you try to position the lower edge of the hat the way it's supposed to, the hat easily comes off ^^; It's still a cute hat though and the sweater is lovely, shame that I pretty much bought the set for the hat though XD

    1. That pretty much sums up how I feel about these pieces too! The sweaters are super cute, but I was totally buying them for the little hats, and the hats are disappointing... mine work the exact same way, which is why I've got to roll the hem down for them to even stay on... which is too bad. They're so cute! I should try the hat on one of my XS girls and see if they fit better, since they seem to have slightly smaller heads.

  2. I saw these and kept thinking about getting a couple, but the main thing I dont like is how thin the material is >_> The grey one isnt bad as you cant really see it. I guess you could also layer anther shirt underneath?

    1. The thinner the knit, the more I like them, because they fit more naturally, LOL... but none of these is so thin that skin shows through anywhere, they're all lined on the inside with another, non-sweater type fabric.

  3. Thanks Heather for the review. I had meant to order this set when they were still in stock at Amiami but forgot all about it! They do look quite cute on all the body sizes you showed. Shame about the hat. There is nothing more annoying than hats that pop off. I've had a few of these for the bjds.

    1. Yeah, it does suck, because you want it to fit and work... and honestly, I can count on one hand the number of times an Azone piece hasn't fit right... it doesn't happen often, so I wasn't expecting it at all!