Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ex Cute Girl of the Forest/ White Cat Aika

Here's the newest girl to join the crew...

 Ex☆Cute ♪ Neko-San / Aika (White Version)

Other than being a part of the Forest Girl series, there is something else unique about this girl...
she is the first Aika to have this facial expression!

Usually Aika has a devious little smile like this:
(this is a company pic of the other Aika I have, from the witch series)

As you can see, quite the difference...
and I love them both!!

Hehe, she's chasing the laser pointer XD

Like all of the other Forest Girls, this Aika's outfit is made up of delicate, beautiful layers.
 I am *totally* impressed with the design and quality of the outfits from this series.

 Haha, it looks like we caught her in the middle of doing something bad XD

Here's a closeup of the adorable outfit detail... the tiny lace, the tiny bead buttons, the cute fuzzy purse, the triple layered skirt, it's all just exquisite.

She also came with this cute kitty hoodie/scarf/glove piece.

 And of course, the animal-appropriate tail attached to her bloomers XD
This tail has wiring in it, so it's very poseable.

She also came with the standard brown tunic that all these Forest girls are coming with...
each one is slightly different, but not by much!
I gather that it's the outfits they're supposed to wear in their "animal" form.

Here is her very odd little story on the Azone site
(I blame Google Translate)

"Komorebi Woods Neko-San."
Wandered into the Woods in addition
Prank like lost kittens "Aika"
Turned into a human girl in cute clothes admiration!

"Alone, though, fear not!..."
Disturbing and full of pounding
-Cat "Aika" the beginning of the story.

... full... of pounding... 0_0 Hahahahaha! OMG.
Hair color: Ivory gold
Eye color: Wicked purple
Mask design: omoiataru
Body: Flection S (New style with better posing)
Set includes: cat ear hood scarf, headband, cardigans, Camisole, socks,
Boots, bag, camisoles, bloomers 

 Everything about this little gal is adorable,
and I highly recommend picking one up if you're thinking about it.
Unfortunately, she's no longer available first-hand,
and must be obtained through sites such as
ebay or Mandarake.


  1. Hello from Spain: congratulations on your purchase. She is very cute. Keep in touch

  2. The laser pointer shot was cute. XD