Thursday, January 26, 2012

Big Plans, Little Neemos

Prue: Hey, Anna! Have I got BIIIIIIG plans for us today! I've found something wonderful!
Anna: Oh, I'm glad to see you're feeling better, but, uh... what have you found? It's not another pet, is it?
Prue: Haha! No no, it's...

Anna: It looks like a messy shelf to me.
Prue: You have no vision, Anna! This "Messy Shelf" will become our shop and home!

Anna: Oh my, Prue, have you really thought this through? This will be a lot of work!

Prue: This is going to be great!
Anna: How'd you get up there so fast?
Prue: Nevermind that! Once this place is cleaned up it's going to be the neatest store ever! I even have a name picked out! The Majokko Shop!
Anna: Nice name... very uh, self oriented for you :P When do you think this place is going to be ready to decorate?
Prue: Why... once you clean it, of course!

Anna: 0_0 *faint*
Prue: Anna? Anna! Are you ok???

Prue: ANNA!!!
Anna: *thinks* Maybe if I just stay laying down she'll think I'm dead... I should have known I'd be the one who ended up cleaning this place up.  -_-;;

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