Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The one that got away?

What doll did you try really hard to get,
but still couldn't get one?

You know the score...
maybe they were part of a super limited release

a lottery (AAAARGH!)

a preorder of a limited release (Azone, I'm lookin' at you!)

For me that doll was

Forest Girl Bear Koron (Normal Version)

I remember refreshing HLJ like a maniac the day she was supposed to come out,
because the Forest Girls had been selling out their preorders in minutes...
and I can't remember if she was late by a day or what,
but I missed her, and it was SO aggrivating!
I had to buy her through other means... but I DID get her!

On another note though,
the one that keeps eluding me (at a price I'm willing to pay)

is Forest Girl Squirrel Chika (Limited Version)
I will have her someday! I WILL!


  1. Oh, so you're after the Risu-san Chiika as well! I'm really conflicted, because I like Chiika with a smiling mouth better, but I generally like the DS version's colour theme better than the regular one's. xD That dark brown hair colour is so beautiful! ;u; ♥ I guess if I sometime managed to find the DS version of the Risu-san Chiika, then I could get another Chiika with a smiling mouth... like the Princess one that was recently released. It's weird because originally I didn't care for her much at all, but now that the owner photos are popping up... I kind of want to get her. @__@;;

    Which brings me to the actual topic... Tick Tock Rabbit Himeno. For the longest time I wondered if I should order her or not, and by the time I thought that heck - I'm going to order her! ... she was already sold out. -.-;; And looks like there weren't any extras now that she was released, or if there were, they all sold out super quickly so I didn't get to see them. So now I'm stuck finding her in the aftermarket, too. xD I really love her hair colour (I seem to have a thing for redhaired neemos! I really love the DS version of Kuma-san Koron too) and her eyes are super lovely too~ ♥

    The outfit I was undecided on, and ended up missing out on her because I couldn't make up my mind about it... if Himeno had been the Cheshire cat instead of Aika, I'd preordered her in a heartbeat! I really love that Cheshire cat dress~ ;u; ♥ I actually found out that there was a special charity auction version of Himeno as the Cheshire cat in the past... that just made me wish for one even more, haha. xD I guess I need to get both Aika and Himeno and swap their outfits, uh-oh... >.>;;;

  2. Just about any release of Yuzuha but maybe Rocker Girl slightly more than a la Mode.

  3. That's easy, Spring Rabbit Mia. I had been keeping an eye on when she was going to be open for pre-order on Hobbysearch. I spent an entire morning refreshing the website. Walked off for about ten minutes, came back, she had opened for pre-order and sold out in that time. I was super annoyed. I had specifically got up early that morning stalking the site. I think they ended up opening it later than expected or something which is why I walked off to grab a cup of tea and some breakfast. And it wasn't even a nice breakfast...

  4. Ugh, I'm late to the Neemo party so there are lots of them I've missed out on but mostly because I didn't know until recently! I'd have to say for me the biggest one would be the pink-haired Majokko version of Chiika. I love her pouty face and pink hair and...!
    I found an auction for one on eBay once going for a good price (and won it!) but it ended up being a scam. I got my money back from PayPal but I didn't get my dolly! *sighs*....

  5. Sweet Dream Chiika! I had her preordered on HLJ, but for some reason I didn't end up getting one in the end. ;-;

  6. As far as Neemos go, I'm just starting out, but luckily not ALL of them catch my "OMG I've GOT to get her" eye. I do have some I'm pretty sure I'm going to miss out on for now (Blue Bird Song II Bashful Mouth Miu, I'm looking at you, you'll be my hippie flower girl yet! ...Someday), but most of my wishlist either is or shows up often on Mandarake, so I guess I'm not too worried. For now. o__o

    The one doll I'd say really fits the question for me, though, is Hula Hair Teresa. Yes, from the Barbie line.
    I fell in love with her at the age of 9 seeing her in a magazine, and spent hours just staring at her beautiful blue, pink and brown hair and her shimmering hula skirt. Plus, she was articulated! Instant win!
    Two years later I found her at a local toy store. I mustered all the courage I could and asked my parents for money to get her (I wasn't the type of kid to constantly pester parents about stuff I wanted), but by the time I got to the store again, she was gone.
    And then in 2010 I found her on French eBay, made an account just so I could bid on her, but I was busy that day and couldn't monitor the auction. Surprise surprise, I was outbid. I think I took it even harder that time.
    To this day I still haven't been able to get Hula Hair Teresa. I know she shows up from time to time on eBay, but 90% of the time the sellers don't ship internationally, and 5% of the time the shipping is outrageous. I mean, I do really like her, but she's not, say, a Neemo. $70 is too much for a doll like this, especially since I would take her out of the box. =/ One day I'll be lucky... One day.

  7. i have been lucky to get the neemos i like for a non insane price : ) my dream one was the koron forest bear regular version. when she first was released i was not collecting them. but i was lucky to find one on amazon japan for a ok price.

    another one was the chiika,s with the pouty mouths, i did never get one of them, but fell for the tea party aika re release since she had a similar expression. so i am satisfied with her instead of a chiika :)

    the one i never got was a dollfie dream. it is beatrice from umineko, i regret not even trying the lottery when she was released. i felt it was too many money to give for a doll then. and now her after marked price is all to expensive. and i do not think there is much hope for a release again.