Wednesday, May 7, 2014

YoSD Jun Tachibana

A new girl has come to live here...

YoSD Jun Tachibana!

Ever since I saw the original Jun Tachibana in Haute Doll Magazine, I've been in love...
but original Jun's $1000+ price tag has always kept me from owning her in SD size, fullset
(ahh, a girl can dream!)

When the YoSD Jun and Isao came out,
I hadn't really been paying attention to resin,
so I missed out...
until now!

Here's my little review of Volks YoSD Jun Tachibana:

First off, I love the weight of Volks dolls.
I've handed a lot of brands of dolls in my lifetime,
and one thing I consistently notice is that Volks dolls feel *SOLID*.
They have great weight... but not in a bulky way.
The YoSD are no exception, plus she stands like a champ!
I've left her standing alone with no worries... she has more balance than I do.

The outfit is fantastic in quality, fits her well, and looks just like the original Jun's, or at least close enough that I'm happy with it. The skirt fabric is very thick, so I'm wondering if they literally used the same fabric they used for the original Jun... but despite being thick fabric, it still works. Everything uses snaps and velcro, with, I think, one eyehook... The *only* complaint that I would have about the outfit is that the weight of the skirt keeps pulling her panties down... which is just awkward, not really a huge problem, LOL.

Her eyes are the same beautiful light dusty purple that the original Jun Tachibana's were, and the facial makeup mimics the original Jun's.

The wig is a bit large and bulky, but it styles to look like it does in the promo photos...
and from what I've heard about Volks wigs, I should consider myself lucky, LOL.
Really though, the wig could stand to be fine tuned to fit her head slightly better, but it's nothing terrible that ruins the experience for me... sometimes she' just overwhelmed by her bangs (which I've already trimmed a little)

Eep! So cute!

All in all, I think Volks did a great job miniaturizing Jun Tachibana.
I just can't decide if she satisfies my Full Sized, Full Set Jun Tachibana lust,
or just enhances it, LOL!


  1. Hello from Spain: congratulations. she is very trendy. Keep in touch

  2. Congratulations on getting chibi Jun ! I'm just like you, the original SD one was my first bjd crush, this Yo one seems to be a great replica ! Thanks for the great review :).

  3. Congrats on the new arrival! A friend of mine got one of the Volks Yo-SD Williams a few months back and I was lucky enough to see him in person. The Yo bodies do feel quite solid and I liked how easy they seemed to pose too.

    Your girl looks really adorable.

  4. Congrats dear Heather! I used to own a few BJD's and Volks has always been a dream to own! hugs, gg

  5. She's very cute! It's always nice to hear when someone gets a doll on their wish list.

    Oddly, even after spending years as a mod on several doll forums, the realm of resin BJDs remains a vague and confusing area of the hobby for me. It limits my ability to "talk shop" about them although I can still appreciate their aesthetic qualities.

  6. I love the detail of her face and the look of her eyes. She is one very cute doll.