Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mid Month Tutorial: aveuch's hair styling tutorial

I booted up the ol' ipad and went to flickr, where aveuch has her tutorial...
this hair style looks pretty cute!

1. Scissors
2. Pipe Cleaner
3. Flowers or other embellishments (if you so choose)

I can't do this one on my own though, so I'll need a volunteer...
please say hi to Sera!

Sera: Hi, folks :)

On with the tutorial!

Step 1:
Fold the pipe cleaner in half,
then place the hair between it, as shown below.
Try to get all the little ends in there (in other words... better than I've done in this pic -_-;; )

Step 2:
Twist the side of the pipe cleaner with the fold into a tight loop.

Step 3:
Twist the other side of the pipe cleaner so it holds the hair tight.
Step 4:
Roll the pipe cleaner upward.
aveuch says it's important to fold upward (so that the pipe cleaner is rolled into the hair, not towards the neck), that way if your doll has layered hair, it hides the layers.
Step 5:
Fold the pipe cleaner that the hair is wrapped around in half, creating a loop.
Twist ends together.
Step 6:
Trim off the extra long ends of the pipe cleaner.

Step 7:
Now that you've trimmed off the excess, tuck the ends of the pipe cleaner into the hair.
Add embellishments if you so choose (I did not for this one), and you're done!
I don't know if Neemo hair is too thick and short, or too layered, or all of the above... but this tutorial didn't quite work right for it (it's still cute... but something is off)
I feel like this problem could be solved with a thinner, but still strong wire... maybe?
Since I didn't have any on hand, I unfortunately couldn't test it.

 As you can see, a cute hair style, but you can see the pipe cleaner, so it's not quite perfect.
This has nothing to do with how good the tutorial is though, and everything to do with Sera's thick, layered hair.
I loved this simple tutorial!
It was easy to figure out and follow!
I absolutely recommend it!!!!
So it might not have worked perfectly in Sera's hair...
but I'm confident with a thinner wire, or maybe a pipe cleaner that matched her hair color,
it would work just fine!


  1. I like this a lot! I know my dolls would like a fancier do and this one fits the bill.

    1. I agree, it's super cute... and I think if you had pipe cleaner that matched the doll's hair, it would even work just fine with Pure Neemos who have a lot of layers XD